Saved from a rubbish bin death

Last updated 05:00 21/02/2014
ROUGH START: Texas has a lot of love give, despite being abandoned as a kitten.

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It was eight years ago this December when we gave an abandoned cat a second chance.

At that stage she was only 4 weeks old.

Texas, along with four other kittens, was placed in a box beside a rubbish bin awating a horrible death until the rubbish man heard a meow just before throwing the box into the rubbish truck.

I can't imgaine what was going through the rubbish man's thoughts when he opened the box to find the kittens in there awaiting their final fate!

He took the box to the local vet and we got a phone call to say there were five kittens needing a home.

My son chose our new kitten and after all the nessasary vet checks we were the new onwers. 

Despite her rough start to life she's a very friendly cat with lots of love to give.

We have moved several times and she has never run away or had anxiety with the moves.

We are in the process of adopting another kitten at the end of the week.

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