Review: Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular

Last updated 05:00 28/02/2014
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COME BACK SOON: The Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular.

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Graham Blakemore went with his family to the Saturday matinee of the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular.

It was an excellent afternoon out.

It was good to hear the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Orphous Choir. We've never heard a classical orchestra before, and it was fabulous to listen to.

The conductor, Ben Foster, was in fine form. His interaction with MC and former Dr Who 5, Peter Davison, during the various musical intervals was hilarious. 

Davison's old stories from his Dr Who tenure were interesting - he cryptically hinted at his father-in-law relationship with the 10th Dr Who, David Tennant.

The audience loved the various monsters who walked in the aisles. My favourites, the Cybermen, marched up and down the aisles, scaring adults and children alike. The Daleks were stroked by the audience.

I just wish they did a bit more with the Weeping Angels- all we saw was a statue to the left of the stage, but then again, they are quantum time-locked, so they only move when no one's looking at them.

The only disappointment was with the arena, not the show. The ushers had no idea where the different blocks were. They sat us in Block 3, and we were in Block 1. The seating was so uncomfortable. The back of the seats had no support, so when you leaned back, it nearly touched the person's knees behind, as noticed by Davison on one of the audience members.

Still, come back soon, Dr Who. 

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