Proposal mowed into paddock

Last updated 07:00 11/02/2014

IT IS WRITTEN: Will u marry me?

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I got home from work one day after just another normal day in the office.

I went inside and fluffed around for a bit, then went down to the paddock to see what my partner was up to.

Once I got down there and he said he needed a "woman's perspective" and something, and asked me to climb up on his BMX ramp (a good 5-6 metres up).

I looked out at the back paddock and what did I see? He had dragged the lawnmower out to the end of our section (11 acres) and mowed "WILL U MARRY ME?" in huge letters!

I looked down at him and he had a gorgeous diamond ring for me. Needless to say I said yes!

The climb down was a bit iffy though as boy was I shaking!

We're getting married in September.

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? With Valentines Day this Friday, we'd love to hear the story.

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