Felt like I was 'dying' during birth

Last updated 08:00 25/06/2014

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How was your labour of love? We asked Stuff Nation mums to share their birth experiences.

My pregnancy went okay, I guess. I had severe morning sickness and didn't gain much weight until I was six months along. 

In fact, I lost nearly five kilograms in the first three months. I was offered medication but decided against it. 

I felt great from six to seven months and absolutely loved it, then my last two months were horrible.

I gained so much weight (25kg) and my blood pressure was so low I would nearly pass out every time I stood up, or if I was standing for longer than five minutes. 

There were lots of signs that indicated my son was big. My pubic to top of bump measurements were big. At 34 weeks I measured 40 centimetres and by my due date I was measuring 48cm.

My scans (last one at 20 weeks) always measured two to three weeks ahead in size. 

I went into labour on my due date and baby finally arrived two days later.

My labour failed to progress and I was left for 24 hours in full blown labour without dilating past 2cm. I had a stretch and sweep twice.

I then had to be induced, after 24 hours. 

I had gas which was lovely for a while. I was then given pethadine which I later found out I reacted to. I was hugely confused, disorientated and hysterical due to the reaction. 

My baby was posterior and after two hours of pushing (by this time I had been in labour for 36 hours) my midwife said the baby's heart rate was dropping. 

This freaked me out even more, I begged for help - a ceasarian, anything! I needed help. I wasn't given any help. 

Finally my baby was born weighing 10 pound 14 ounces. I was the talk of the hospital. 

I haemoraged, then I passed out with chest pains. I had ECG machines and doctors everywere. I was that badly bruised they were going to send me to surgery but decided to try 'packing out'. 

I honestly felt like I was dying. I couldn't hold my baby. I was so weak my partner did the skin on skin. Then I was left on a blood-soaked bed for hours.

I was assisted to the shower then put back on a bed. In the middle of the night we were wheeled through the hospital to a room furthest away from the doctors' station. 

I couldn't get out of bed as I had a catheter on the opposite side of my bed to my baby. I was absolutely scared out of my brain. 

Later my midwife said the hospital apologised to her, saying that there were no staff to help me as they were really short. 

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My whole experience was traumatising. My recovery was long. My tailbone was broken. My pelvis and hips were excrutiating. 

I couldn't sit, walk or move without extreme pain. My midwife told me it was normal with big babies and I should have had a c-section. 

By the time my baby was six months old I was finally able to walk without pain. I am petrified of having another baby but do want my son to have a sibling. 

Next time will be a while away and with a different midwife and a c-section for sure. 

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