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'I hated myself and my vagina'


I had a labiaplasty when I was 18 as I was insecure about my vagina's appearance. Now I have so much confidence and love for my body.

Songs from the West Coast


Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums during his cancer treatment. This week, his faith is restored.

Are our rugby players saints?

Is there a culture of misogyny in New Zealand rugby? Let's take a closer look.

Diving won't be stamped out


Diving is one of the ugly parts of what is colloquially known around the world as a beautiful game.

Working after years of dole


After eight years of unemployment, I am finally off the benefit and back at work.

Majesty of Planet Earth II


If you haven’t already seen the trailer for BBC Earth’s new documentary, I urge you to do so.

It's all Trump and nonsense


Trump is superficial, bigoted, privileged and … entertaining. We love to hate him and his hair.

Festivals of India

It gives me great joy to see people from different cultures across the world celebrating Diwali in New Zealand.

Week 28: The Big Picture


Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from his cancer treatment.

Don't fear my bipolar


People who know nothing about my disorder see me as a broken person and exclude me.

Good reason for doc strike

Doctors strike

A RMO claimed junior doctors don't know why they are striking - this is completely false.

Our rivals can't keep up

It's rubbish to suggest the All Blacks dominance is doing more harm than good.

Unsure why they're striking


Striking puts lives at risk, yet some of my doctor colleagues are taking it too lightly. Some even view it as a holiday.

Week 27: Made in England

Elton John

Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from cancer treatment.

The environment or meat?

There may be no other single human activity that has a bigger impact on the planet than the raising of livestock.

School is for girls


Life is no harder for kids these days than when I was young, except that the school system leans towards women.

Prison doesn't work


You commit a crime, we throw you in jail and you come out as a revitalised, law-abiding citizen... or not.

I'm envious of her culture


A speech by a primary school child made me realise how much I wish I was a part of something bigger.

Special education crisis point

Special needs

Is there really any place for a minister to be flippant about spending money to help kids who can't talk or walk?

Elton John's 'The One'

Elton John and Axl Rose

Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from cancer treatment.

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