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Phoenix out of A-League party

Roy Krishna of the Phoenix

This feeling of being left out is one Phoenix supporters know all too well at the moment, writes Darren Butter.

Review: Friends and 17.11.70

Elton John

A reader reviews Elton John albums to distract himself during his cancer treatment.

Why Leicester will win EPL

Leicester City

Leicester City's long-suffering fans are holding out to see their team fulfil "the impossible dream".

Success in 10 minutes a day


If there’s anything we have in common in today's society, it is the desire to be successful.

Slow drivers not the issue


The problem is the uncertain driver, who isn't brave enough to overtake the slow driver.

Three worst driving habits


None of us are perfect drivers. Perhaps we all need to pull our heads in when we get behind the wheel.

Top 3 Kiwi sporting shames


How does the Warriors' walloping compare with some of our worst performances?

Warriors' Groundhog Day


At least Groundhog Day was light-hearted and Bill Murray's funny. There's nothing funny about the Warriors right now.

Harriet Tubman 'a big deal'

The last decade has been huge for the US, and Donald Trump is a reaction to those massive changes.

Time to target slow drivers

Driving in NZ

Travel at a speed you’re comfortable with, but please pull over to let others by. It’s not just courtesy, it’s the law.

Juggling study and family


Going back to study is like feeding your brain after a famine, and your mind will absolutely thrive.

Savea made right choice

Ardie Savea

Ardie Savea has the potential to become the greatest bench player we will ever see, writes Josh Thompson.

Marking Anzac Day in sport

Warriors Anzac Day

As well as being a day of remembrance, Anzac Day is a way to celebrate what makes NZ and Australia great.

NZ's form XV of the week


The best Super Rugby players of the week, according to a bunch of mates.

'Fun police Wellington'


When you're supporting your team in foreign grounds and you hear the cowbell ring out, it rallies you.

'A Tumbleweed Connection'


A reader reviews Elton John's albums to distract himself during his cancer treatment.

The cost befalling Millennials


No one under 40 should assume that there will be a government pension waiting for them.

They will catch up eventually


Will Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East fix themselves tomorrow? No. But give them a chance.

'Cheaters have their reasons'

Cheating, infidelity

I've been both an infidelity victim and a villain. It can start anywhere at anytime with almost anyone. And we need to change how we talk about it.

'NZ needs a national day'


A Land Wars day could be a day for us to look back and say "Look how far we have come".

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