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Who is the Opposition?


Can Labour compete with the Greens and NZ First, both hungry for more parliamentary presence?

EPL back in business

David De Gea

After another week off for Euro 2016 qualifying, the Premier League returns this weekend with a bang.

Beale attitude is 'scary'

kurtley beale

Would Wallabies players stand by Kurtley Beale if he wasn't as immensely talented as he is?

Rock star economy's sold out

Beer pouring

We're told we're living in a rock star economy with a dropping unemployment rate. Not in my world.

'Commercial virus' of mufti

School uniforms

The pressure from mufti days is sad and unnecessary and our children are copping it big time.

Standing up for shorter men

Sign showing a tall woman and a short man

As a society we rally against bigotry, racism and fatism, so why is male heightism still allowed?

Doubting domain names

Domain names

The latest new domain names showcase the battle between adding value to the internet and sucking it out.

'Born forever sleeping'

Lilly Marie

On Friday, my baby's heartbeat was 144bpm. On Tuesday, it was 110. Today, they can't find it.

Housing market must change

House for sale

Property has been a great investment in the past but it's not realistic to expect the same returns now.

Cauliflower-base pizza

If you love the idea of pizza but don't fancy a doughy bread base, this recipe could be your answer.

Painting the town blue

Starry skies, city lights and rolling fog are all captured in this timelapse of Auckland in the blue hour.

Ebola 'wake-up call' for us all


We simply cannot ignore this issue any longer. The time to act was yesterday so we better get started now.

Review: Concert for Horns

French horn

The French Horn may look like plumbing, but the sounds is lively and 'fun', Takeshi Ito writes.

Making a connection in Chch


A university student's Facebook page aims to show people in Christchurch they're not alone.

Review: At The Devil's Door

Forget ranting demons and spinning heads, this is a subtle and sinister must-see horror, with a palpable threat.

Dragons Den lights up Chch

Welcoming staff, good chat and addictive bar snacks make for a good night spot in Christchurch.

Why ABs vs Boks is best

Julian Savea

Attacking, running rugby is best, so how come we only see it from both teams once a year at Ellis Park?

A plan to break stereotypes

Reese Witherspoon

Men who have been told you can't multitask. Women who have been told you can't park. It's time to speak up.

'My son is not a dog'


To the person who took time out of their day to judge me for having a "lead" on my autistic son, thanks.

Decadent simplicity in Chch

The storybook setting of Christchurch's Brick Farm cafe was the perfect backdrop for its delicious food.

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