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'The internet was my lifeline'

Online safety

OPINION: Monitoring our children’s every move online is an invasion of privacy and potentially harmful.

Why Spurs pose threat to EPL

Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspurs

Leicester City may be leading the English Premier League but Spurs are genuine title contenders, writes David Lim.

Why drinkers stay at home


Pubs and clubs need to review their drink prices rather than blaming supermarkets for a lack of business.

Our resources are finite


"The economic effect of immigration is notoriously difficult to assess."

Tenants are the problem


The biggest issue with rental properties in New Zealand is the tenants - by far.

'We need a safe space'

The necessity of safe spaces and queer friendly households for transgender people is simply vital.

Learning from older drivers

No other creature goes in opposite directions at 200kph and wonders why every now and again they collide.

Young, single... and sober

I quit drinking and saved over $7500 in just three years. But money wasn't the only reason.

Renters flying in blind


Too many times as a renter I've had to defend myself against ill-informed landlords.

'Wowsers' killing the 7s

Wellington sevens

It used to sell out, but now the once-popular event has had the life sucked out it.

I am not 'misinformed'

Anti-TPPA protesters are ordinary citizens of New Zealand who care about the sovereignty of our country.

What's wrong with caravans?


Living in a caravan is the way to go - and far cheaper than owning a home.

Super Rugby format 'unfair'

This new system is ridiculous. Teams should be ranked by how many points they have accrued.

We feel like 'just the renters'


After years of owning their own home, one couple found themselves back in the rental market. It didn't feel good.

'Renters treated like morons'

Disgruntled renters

Kiwis are known as people who look out for each other. Why does that stop at rental tenancies?

The end of a farming era

The farming industry is rapidly changing, writes Gerard O'Neil, and we are witnessing the end of an era.

'Lift blinkers on violence'


We'd all like to think we're not violent, and that this doesn't happen in our neighbourhood. It probably does.

'Don't sign the TPPA'


New Zealand is poised to sign a trade agreement written with the help of major corrupting influences.

Lessons from going offline

It’s amazing how much you want to use a phone when you don’t have one, writes Craig Smithies.

How to help change lives

In a time where fat shaming seems to be the norm, it takes guts to start something that can be life changing.

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