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Cycling from Bluff to Cape Reinga


Ken Guest and Rob Waterhouse flew in to Queenstown from the United Kingdom on 19 February.

Butter price climbs to $6.99


It's cheaper to buy cream and make butter myself than pay full price for some 500g blocks of NZ butter.

How to be a good uncle


Being the youngest, I didn't have any direct experience with babies or younger siblings to prepare me for this moment.

Volunteers change the world

Bev Edwards

After the earthquake left her in a wheelchair, Christchurch nurse Bev Edwards found a new way to help.

Could social media help drivers?

drink drive

Could blending social media with offline driver training be the way to improve road safety?

Review: Brilliant motley crew

Vague de Cirque

With the performers as varied as the audience, Carousel and Clothesline impressed.

Ban Aussie fruit and veg imports


We must immediately ban all imports of fruit and vegetables from areas the Queensland fruitfly lives.

Give paintball a go

paint ball

Did you know paintball is played as a competitive sport in NZ and around the world?

Quit moaning. We're fine!


Here's something you don't read every day: we're pretty happy with our lot in life and can't complain.

University can mean nothing

University students, uni, graduation, graduates, Australia

In life, you are set to follow one straight and narrow path: primary school, high school then university, right?

Time with baby Xavier

Baby Xavier

Little baby Xavier is not out of the woods yet. Far from it.

Neighbours a blessing and a pain


From bustling Mumbai to Wellington, neighbours have some common attributes.

A runner's tears of pride

Tarawera ultramarathon

Even the elite athletes, who screamed past me in a blur, would yell out "Going well, mate!".

Cost of living way too high

cost of living


It's time to make a stand against companies that are working with the Government to keep us poor.

Orchestral ornithololgy

Auckland Philharmonia


Intriguing programming made for an interesting night with the Auckland Philharmonia's 'Exotic Birds'.

Concert 'epic and brilliant'


Rocker made me excited and ecstatic. I was probably smiling like a complete crazy person.

Letter to the missing 239

 Families react to news MH370 crashed

MH370 has taken friends, children, loved ones, parents. It's hard to cope.

Fifty shades of pink


Beware the beast that's lurking in your local toy store: gender stereotyping.

Does voting matter?

voting booth

With the election scheduled for September, there is no better time to discuss youth voter apathy.

How to be mortgage-free at 27

housing property open home

You can afford to buy. First, lower your expectations. Then identify the Taita of your town.

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