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Midwives worth weight in gold

Midwife standard

Something should change, midwives deserve a good wage, new mum Ellie Sorensen writes.

She was 'born fighting'

While we fight the battles of everyday life, our daughter Aallyn fights every day just to wake up.

Lessons from RWCs past

L-R: Kieran Read, Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Israel Dagg and Jerome Kaino

The ABs' track record is testament to their resilience, professionalism and sheer bloody mindedness.

Foxes on the prowl in EPL

Leicester City

Mark Kessell shares his latest EPL match predictions and why Leicester City are a team to watch.

ITM player power rankings

Charlie Masters gives his take on five players who are in the hunt for a Super Rugby contract.

Pretty fly for a fake guy


No-one looks good after 40+ hours of travel, writes Hannah Keys. I am a foul human post-flight, and I know it.

A real Kiwi welcome home

Winter in South Cantebury has been a welcome wonder to Gary Wentworth Smith.

England was a depressing place to live. After coming home to NZ, I've found the true Kiwi spirit.

What's up with the Warriors?


Warriors fans are keeping the faith, but why are they so consistently inconsistent, asks Hami Waru.

Learning about happiness


Tired of not being naturally happy and upbeat, Tania Fernandez decided to do something about it.

Study money made me sick

When I have paid off my student loan, I will frame it and it be a reminder of the hardest years of my life.

Gunners ready to face Reds

Nacho Monreal celebrates Arsenal's win over Crystal Palace.

As Arsenal prepare to face Liverpool, Mark Kessell shares his predictions for the EPL's third round.

Why women should swear more


Martin van Beynen, I have taken your sage advice on board and shall embrace life one obscenity at a time!

How was med school, Jose?

Jose Mourinho


I didn't realise Jose Mourinho's honorary degree in manhood included medical training, writes Sophie Sills.

New flag will benefit NZ


All of the reasons given to keep the current flag are absolute bunkum, Keith Bond writes.

Not an adult to Studylink

Why is it that I can get more money on the dole than if I am studying? Tarn Paterson writes.

Man City 'potential champs'

Yaya Toure of Manchester City (R) celebrates with team mate Bacary Sagna

One round into the EPL and Mark Kessell already has his eye on Manchester City as potential title winners.

The reality of being a 'bludger'

Job ads

"I am sick of being called a parasite, dole bludger or liability to this country's future when all I need is a little help."

Wake up call for key ABs


Usually our strength is at number 9 and 10, but is this our new area of weakness, Cameron Chalmers asks.

'Think out of the box' ChCh

Christchurch traffic planners need fresh thinking that creates a win-win for everyone, says Jeremy Poff.

'What was I thinking?'

Mud race

I don’t need a mud run to make me feel dirty, writes Hannah Keys. I have Channing Tatum for that.

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