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Parenting tips for new dads


All of those people walking around Pak'nSave in sloppy, stained track pants; that’s you now.

Greenpeace 'wrong' on solar


Greenpeace has been running a campaign against what it calls a 'solar tax'. But Greenpeace has it wrong.

Alopecia: It's not 'just hair'


Over the last month I have seen many handfuls of my hair in my shower, on my carpet and on my poor dog.

Evolution of the guilty father


Kiwi dads are more hands-on than their dads, so why do they feel the need to do more? Why the daddy guilt?

Pet insurance so worth it


People scoffed when I told them I had taken out insurance for my 10-week-old German shepherd.

Super Rugby: Let's see sense


Super Rugby was better when everyone could play everyone, and the playoffs were decided by the overall table.

Positives of Disney's Moana


To dismiss Moana as 'cultural appropriation' is heart-breaking for the Pasifika people involved in the film.

Diverting a world water crisis


Once we never imagined the world's water supply would run out, but experts are now concerned it could.

Sleeping With the Past

Elton John

Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from cancer treatment.

Tenants damage, you pay

Tenant damage

The Tenancy Tribunal's decision to not hold tenants responsible for intentional damage is ill-informed.

My library saved me

Mums, go to your local library

As an isolated and lonely mum, the library offered me help and friendship.

We're not lazy or drugged

Pizza worker

We serve you food we can’t afford and clean your damn toilets. We work harder than most for measly money.

Life after near death


As a survivor, confronting your mortality is part of the grieving process, rehabilitation and being honest with yourself.

Love rugby, respect everyone

Men and women

I don’t respect people who pick and choose which victims of violence and discrimination they support.

Coming out as an atheist


I no longer believe in my religion, which practices shunning. My relationship with my family is at risk.

Basil and the hedgehog


My little cat Basil doesn't mind sharing his dinner with a hedgehog.

It's time to legalise cannabis

Which drug is actually causing the most harm in our society? Legal alcohol or illegal cannabis?

Elton's Reg Strikes Back

Elton John

Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from cancer treatment.

All Blacks inferiority complex

Kieran Read

To say the ABs are thugs who get away with foul play reeks of a rugby fraternity trying to halt this dominant side.

ABs pros at ref game

ABs just work the refs better

The NZ team aren't cheating, they just know how to interact with the ref.

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