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I e-stalk my daughter


A little technology is all it takes to be able to stalk our children. And that's not such a bad thing.

Warriors win despite losing

Nathan Friend

Analysis of Warriors' seasons since 1998 reveals their ninth placed finish this year is not all bad news.

Shy students left behind

A teacher writes on a blackboard

"Harden up" just doesn't cut it for the students who need a little help in building their self-belief.

EPL fourth round predictions


As Chelsea prepare to take on joint EPL leaders Swansea, Mark Kessell shares his match predictions.

Minimum wage is no answer

dollar coin

Jacob Smith tries to shed some light on the economic impacts of increasing the minimum wage.

Improving Beehive decisions

From the Beehive

A population cap and mainstream holistic medicine would be among Bradley Cranston's policies as PM.

Supermoon finale shots shine

Weather fairies work their magic to help Aaron Campbell get some great photos of the last supermoon of 2014.

Review: Captain America

Despite a good start and some great performances, there's no suspense in this average action movie.

We deserve better than this

John Key and National's deputy leader Bill English (R) at the official launch of the National Party campaign.

Whichever party you support, we deserve more from our government than we're currently getting.

Shooting for the stars

Galactic Kiwi

It's been a personal mission for Allan Scadden to capture the Galactic Kiwi in the Milky Way. And he's done it!

Sport's gone soft


Our obsession with a clean image is censoring the raw emotion of sport and the athletes that play it.

Chained down by money

Boats in Auckland

I'm terrified of falling into the trap where we only have two days to be free and enjoy time with friends and family.

Review: Mythbusters madness


Explosions, stunts and everything you'd expect from the Mythbusters live on stage.

Mum's amazing life lessons

Mother and daughter

My mother died years ago but we're still benefiting from the help, guidance and comfort she gives us.

Review: Blended

Drew Barrymore is the best thing about this rom-com, but Adam Sandler just performs the same old tricks.

Higher wages won't pay off

Budgets and finance

We need to do something to help those most in need, but a higher minimum wage isn't the answer.

Review: Glennie at Olympus

Psathas makes musicians work hard, but Dame Evelyn Glennie and the orchestra were incredible.

The work life un-balance

Laura Topp

Sacrificing my wellbeing in an attempt to climb the corporate ladder brought me nothing but unhappiness.

Rights no 'magic bullet'


Our right to wear and do what we like doesn't mean we don't have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe.

Sugar turns sour for Latta

NIgel latta

Nigel Latta turns the spotlight on sugar to see the effects of the sweet stuff on New Zealand's population.

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