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Apps won't fix Civil Defence


The thinking that arises post-disaster is that the disaster itself can be managed. It can't.

The likeable F1 champ


Lewis Hamilton's behaviour at the season-end race in Abu Dhabi has split racing fans.

Rugby's team of 2016


Seven All Blacks make Fraser Proctor's starting XV for "world team of the year". Do you agree?

Dog park attacks: who's liable?


If your dog gets injured in a fight with another dog, you should be liable for any costs of your own pooch.

Trump: What media bias?


The fact his supporters are seen as "sore winners" merely underlines the media's anti-Trump stance.

Young Pope = new Law


REVIEW: Jude Law used to be too handsome for serious drama. But now he's nailing it.

The trendsetting F1 star


Former World Champion Jenson Button has hung up his helmet, but he was a pioneer in the sport.

This isn't the 'Murder House'

Dentist strap

As a dentist, it used to bother me that people would dread coming to see me. But I should be thanking them.

Clean the swamp, not drain

	 kelli pike

We're a small and progressive nation who can fix a broken toy without throwing it against the wall.

My father is a murderer

Man dog forest

For years I looked in the mirror and feared I would be like my father - a killer.

How to train 'dominant' dogs


Dog dominance issues? They don’t need fixing. Plus the problems likely have nothing to do with dominance.

Jail sermons don't brainwash

Prisoners pray

Surely it's good that prisoners who accept Jesus don't often reoffend, regardless of whether God's real or not?

Fake quake news

Not everything is true

Information travels so quickly, but you have to be careful - it's not all real.

'Wonderful Crazy Night'

Elton John

Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums. This week, it's the finale.

Henry brilliant, not offensive

Paul Henry

We need broadcasters like Paul Henry who can stand up to ignorance, stupidity, dogma and neoliberalism.

Seismic volatility reminder


The rolling woke my partner and I in Nelson and I immediately knew that it was extremely strong.

Whanganui - the good life


The town is friendly and safe, has affordable housing, good weather and amenities, and a prosperous business scene.

Week 32: The Diving Board


Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums during his cancer treatment.

Elton's The Captain & the Kid

Elton John

Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums during his cancer treatment. This week, it's a tall order.

Henry shows no remorse

Paul Henry

I'm getting heartily sick of Paul Henry. Once again he's put his mouth into gear without engaging his brain.

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