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Settling The Score Live 2015


The Auckland Philharmonia navigated its variegated programme with their usual aplomb, writes Takeshi Ito.

Books women need to read


These are women's stories, by women, for women. And they might change your life.

What is Isis fighting for?

The sooner we recognize that ISIS is fighting for power, not piety, the quicker we can find a path to peace.

Let's spread Christmas cheer


After Tania Carmichael's daughter helped families in need, her family was encouraged to give back.

Terrorists play on weakness

If our militaries have become useless against terrorism, it is time to restructure.

Can Leicester win the EPL?

They're on top for now, but do Leicester City have what it takes to win the EPL?

A tribute to McCaw, Lomu


In this sad and reflective time, a tribute to two great All Blacks seems fitting.

Review: Nina Simone's life

	 Nina Simone

Nina Simone aspired to be a classical pianist but this turned into a tragedy.

Jonah from Tonga

Jonah from Tonga was a thoroughly thought provoking show and quite poignant at some moments

Exploring family's dark past


Bloodline delves into the extent family ties can remain strong in the face of overwhelming strain.

Great rugby player, greater man

	 Jonah Lomu

He always seemed humble, respectful and had time for the little people.

Thank you, Mr Lomu


"I was totally in awe of this giant... just as much by his grace and kindness and strength off the field."

'Lomu: rugby's first superstar'

	 Jonah Lomu

He was the greatest of them all and no player will ever match the same way Jonah carried himself on the field.

IS and farewell to a friend


"She wasn't someone I'd ever met in person... but she had shared a lot of herself with me, and I with her."

Carter: What a legend

Dan carter

He's made himself vulnerable and given us real insight into his fears.

Speaking out 'courageous'

MP walkout

I cannot imagine what it must have taken for these women to stand up and speak their truth in this way.

Karangahake 'gorgeous'

Karangahake Gorgeous

Good things come to those who wait and patience paid off when it came to getting these great shots.

How Narcos won me over


Daniel Hirst wasn't an immediate fan of Narcos, but puts that down to the 1980's being a hard sell.

Give Sam Burgess a break

Sam Burgess

The English should quit using Sam Burgess as a scapegoat and address their own issues, writes Ben Freeman-Catley.

Couch Potato to Ironman

Alison King

"If you told me 11 years ago I would be coaching runners to achieve long distance goals I would have guffawed."

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