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'Six years on, we must be kind'

memorial wall

In disasters, we need to value compassion as much as efficiency.

Dyslexia: 'I thought I was dumb'

Dyslexic girl

'Even when my dyslexia was identified in secondary school, no one offered help.'

Talking to kids about CHCH

Children fire

We answer their questions simply, and offer distraction, reassurance and cuddles.

Social media is too poisonous

Woman laptop

Anonymity gives users free licence to insult and intimidate.

The state of New Zealand

Bill English looked tired, nervous, and like someone who hardly believed what he was saying.

Review of Tokyo Trial

Tokyo Trial is a new Netflix miniseries created in collaboration with NHK.

Breaking down borders

Sometimes I wish I wasn't here. Maybe in another world - without any borders, restrictions, religion, and pain.

Is yoga right for you?

	 Megan Sety

Yoga can be good for recovery, but it's not always OK.

What Waitangi means to you

Waitangi day

Australians party on their "flawed" national holiday - should we Kiwis celebrate more on Waitangi Day?

What about men's safe spaces?



There's a generic response on Facebook to anything pro minorities, and it makes my blood boil.

In defence of dogs



A dog plays an important role in the dynamic of that family, just as they do in the community.

Shouldn't keep dogs as pets


The problems with dogs extend beyond biting and mauling. It's time to get rid of them.

On your bike!



Riding a motorcycle in this country can be - and often is - hazardous in the extreme. Because of others on the road.

Inspiring progress for women

women in business


It is my challenge to all employers to make diversity a priority, Paula Bennett writes.

Let's talk about cannabis

How to solve our pot problem? Regulate, tax and restrict cannabis.

Lessons from granddad

paritutu Grandad roy

Climbing New Plymouth's Paritutu with Granddad Roy, I discovered I wanted to be just like him at 94.

An inside story on postnatal depletion

Lorraine Scapens


For six years I was tired, and I couldn't work out why.

Speed crackdown misguided


Speed and alcohol are the easiest things for the police to target, so that's what they're doing.

Govt funding for GPs 'unfair'


Patients do not understand that some practices receive significantly more funding than others.

Men afraid to be feminine?


I don’t avoid knitting because it is seen as being effeminate. I avoid it because I find it boring.

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