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On your bike!



Riding a motorcycle in this country can be - and often is - hazardous in the extreme. Because of others on the road.

Inspiring progress for women

women in business


It is my challenge to all employers to make diversity a priority, Paula Bennett writes.

Let's talk about cannabis

How to solve our pot problem? Regulate, tax and restrict cannabis.

Lessons from granddad

paritutu Grandad roy

Climbing New Plymouth's Paritutu with Granddad Roy, I discovered I wanted to be just like him at 94.

An inside story on postnatal depletion

Lorraine Scapens


For six years I was tired, and I couldn't work out why.

Speed crackdown misguided


Speed and alcohol are the easiest things for the police to target, so that's what they're doing.

Govt funding for GPs 'unfair'


Patients do not understand that some practices receive significantly more funding than others.

Men afraid to be feminine?


I don’t avoid knitting because it is seen as being effeminate. I avoid it because I find it boring.

Get over it New Zealand


Over the years I've noticed a quantum shift in the way we Kiwis deal with things that offend us.

Let us party


Most of the boozers at Wellington Sevens can drink without causing trouble.

Open letter to an absent dad


After six months he stopped asking questions, stopped wondering where you were. Then you called.

Not everyone is attractive


Just look at the internet to see that there is an audience out there for nearly every kind of body.

Not a feminist? So what?

Girls at school

I’m not one of these hyped up people on Twitter demanding that English and Bennett exalt feminism - that's wrong.

Dismantle the structure


Structure in our education system is poisoning our kids.

Presence of Santa

Group of Santas

A flock of birds, a school of fish and a presence of Santa?

Tour will be fascinating


The tour this time around will be quite different from the 2005 one.

'Gen Y is hard done by'


We aren't all that bad. We are just trying to make the best of what we have to work with.

Don't spoil your kids

Santa kid Christmas

Think that mountain of presents shows them you care? Here are five reasons to think again...

Apps won't fix Civil Defence


The thinking that arises post-disaster is that the disaster itself can be managed. It can't.

The likeable F1 champ


Lewis Hamilton's behaviour at the season-end race in Abu Dhabi has split racing fans.