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Last updated 11:07 22/05/2014

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Simply offering the lowest price in the neighbourhood is not good enough to make an impression on the investor. When the potential buyers are making rounds in the neighbourhood, you need to ensure that your house is not the lowest priced but is one that leaves a lasting impression on the buyer. Thus, the key to selling your property is to consider presentation, promotion and price.

As an informed buyer, we know you are aware of everything it requires for promotion and pricing of the house. The process can be facilitated with assistance from real estate agents in the locality. When it comes to presentation, most homeowners overlook this aspect, which however is the most important. Here, we will detail little things that you can do right to prepare your home so it sells at the best possible price.

Making the home presentable - aesthetically attractive!

Many buyers are more interested in purchasing homes where they can move right in, without having to make any initial repairs. Buyers do not appreciate the idea of investing additional money in refurbishing the home first thing after purchase.

The following are a few ways you can prepare your home to look presentable before putting it on the market for sale:

  • Dilapidated and old properties will never make the cut on the market because first impression is the most important in the real estate world. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint. It makes the home look fresh, appealing and modern without the need for any major renovation.
  • Potential buyers see the exterior of the house up front, so it's all-important to ensure you hire professional Auckland painters and paint the house to look its best particularly from the exteriors.
  • Before painting the house, you must examine the exterior for any visible signs of damage. All possible damages should be healed before painting.
  • Modern homes feature coloured walls instead of blank, white walls. Buyers tend to interpret white walled homes as boring and uninspiring. Coloured walls can be exciting, so emphasise painting the interiors of the house with bold colours.

Preparing to paint the house

As simple and exciting it may seem, painting the house is not an easy task. Right from the roof to the end of the walls, everything needs to be painted neatly.

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To ensure the exterior of the house is painted properly to last longer, pressure cleaning the roof and the walls is very important. Residential painters and roof painters in Auckland consider it part of their job to pressure wash and paint the walls and roof of the house. Cleaning the surface using high-velocity water spray before painting helps clean dirt, mold and residue from exterior of a house.

If you are planning to sell your house, you will have to start getting ready right away. For most homeowners, this includes planting a board outside the house reading 'for sale,' or giving an advertisement on a real estate website.

But, selling your home in New Zealand's competitive real estate market can only be escalated by an aesthetically attractive and appealing home. This is exactly what you must begin working on before you advertise the property for sale.

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