After 115 job rejections, do you give up?

Last updated 06:00 30/05/2014

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I have been unemployed and looking for work for almost two years, apart from a couple of short temporary bookings.

In these two years I've made 115 applications for jobs in admin, payroll or accounts, all of which I have many years of experience in.

Of the companies I've applied to, almost half have never bothered to acknowledge my application, let alone let me know whether my application was being progressed, or even to tell me that my application had been unsuccessful.

Several of them didn't take the trouble to contact me after an interview.

How hard would it be to send out a quick email thanking a person for their application but saying that on this occasion they've been unsuccessful? That would save me hoping and worrying, and allow me to move on.

Most of these companies are well known in the area. My family, friends and I are potential customers; some of them I have used in the past.

However, I certainly would not patronise or recommend those companies again.

I'm very tempted to name and shame. On the other hand, I've continued to use some businesses that sent a polite rejection.

I've applied to some businesses and been ignored, and a few weeks later the same job is readvertised. I reapply, and again am ignored.

Agencies can be just as bad. They publish lists of jobs that include the sort you're looking for. When you phone them, they say they haven't actually got the jobs; they're just looking to expand their database.

You register with them and never hear from them again, or you contact them in response to a real job ad, one that you know you're well qualified for, and don't hear back.

Maybe it's my age. I'm over 55. I'm well presented, well qualified and prepared to work hard for an employer.

I'm not like some younger employees who I've worked with in the past who roll in on a Monday morning hung over or who frequently take sick leave on Fridays so they can have a long weekend.

I don't spend all day texting my friends or checking out Facebook.

I don't expect to be promoted to chief executive within a few months of starting, or to receive a pay rise every few months.

Like most people in my age group, I'm prepared to be flexible and to give an employer what they want.

I'm not planning on retiring anytime soon. Having two years of enforced retirement has been no fun.

I'll have to work for several years to build up my savings and KiwiSaver again.

If it wasn't for the generosity of family I would have been bankrupt ages ago. On the pathetic benefit I receive, it's always a toss-up between paying a bill or buying groceries or petrol.

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I was reaching the stage where I was about to give up. After all, where else would you try something 115 times, be unsuccessful, and keep trying?

Yesterday I was offered a job. 

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