I'm white, male, and straight. Don't judge me

Last updated 05:00 17/06/2014

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Over the years, I've seen increasingly more content about misogyny, racial discrimination, and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

As a white, straight, male it is hard to understand such concepts from personal experience.

However, I do have the intelligence to grasp such an idea from understanding what other people have experienced.

I understand that racist slurs get thrown out among everyone, whites included, but we will never know the hurt that it causes each individual.

I know that there is a rape culture and that women have been heavily discriminated against, but I don't personally know of that pain.

The LGBT community is another area of society that has been cast out due to not adhering to the dominant norm, but I won't know what it's like to be discriminated against for my sexual preference.

Nobody's perfect but it is up to all of us to try to not discriminate against anybody. Period.

You do not choose the body you are born into, you can, however, shape how you act and mould the image you want to present.

It is not right to accept and agree with all points above, yet ostracise white, straight males.

Yes, we do have the privilege of not being on the discriminated side of racism.

The difference in gender gets a bit more complicated. Yes, males do have the privilege of being in a male dominated society, however, we have to put up with society's definition of beauty as well: we apparently all need perfect abs, big guns, and a face like Ryan Gosling, just as all females need a great body, and all-round Kate Upton looks.

Males are traditionally seen as the bread winners of households while the women raise the children, a view which has been translated into unequal pay when women enter the workplace environment, there is no doubt that this needs to change.

But so does the notion that a father's role is less important in a child's upbringing. I guarantee there are plenty of fathers out there who would love to spend every minute with their children, but can't because they need to bring in an income.

As far as serious issues go, domestic violence is ranked fairly high, what may be surprising is that a lot of domestic violence occurs where the male is the victim, and society's perception on the matter is a major cause for worry.

Rape is a topic which is highly sensitive and here I understand that the majority of rape and sexual assault victims are females, but it is by no means exclusive to one gender.

I am not an ethnic minority, nor am I female, however, you do not know what I have been through in my life from first glance, nor do I know what has happened in your life from first glance.

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If you have a roof over your head, food in the fridge, water on tap, clothes on your back, received any form of education, you are privileged.

There's the old saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes, I think the world needs to realise just how true that statement is, and try our hardest to curve our behaviour away from judgmental thoughts and actions, away from discrimination and hate.

If we focus on love for one another, not just the ones we hold close, but everyone, only then can we bask in a loving society, we don't pick and choose what race, culture, gender, sexual orientation we are at birth, but we do choose what we do as an individual, a community, a nation, as the human race overall.

How about we do something to help those less privileged than ourselves? Donate food, old clothes and money to the Salvation Army and other charities. Small gestures go a long way, you know you can spare some change for the homeless, or buy them a feed if you are worried that they'll spend it on alcohol and drugs.

Help the blind man cross the road safely, go to protests and rallies and pride parades.

Demand social justice for those who live without.

Volunteer your time to things that help improve aspects of life.

Most of all, think before you act.

I am privileged in the situation I was born into, but I want to help.

I want to improve the world and I hope you are with me, because as an individual, you and I can only change so much, but as a society, we can achieve far greater things.

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