Are Kiwis really bad at driving?

Last updated 11:15 20/03/2017
Stop sign

It doesn't mean "look and go" or give way to traffic from blah direction, it means stop.

More dead on our roads: What can we do?

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Are Kiwis really bad at driving? Short answer: no.

Are they particularly good at it? Probably not. It's always more complicated than that isn't it?

Sadly, there is one thing Kiwis seem to be really good at and that is blaming other people.

In the comments for most articles on Stuff, the only fact that stands out is "Kiwis" blaming immigrants, tourists, millennials, baby-boomers, Police (really?) - you name it.

* Bad driving complaints skyrocket
* Let's give bad driving the finger
* Graduating drivers more often culprits than elderly
* More people reporting bad driving

How many have actually looked back and thought they might be part of the problem themselves?

Back to the driving bit. Stop signs are there for a reason. Stop means stop.

I've never heard that particular word being "open to interpretation".

It doesn't mean "look and go" or give way to traffic from blah direction, it means stop.

It's not about the extra one second or being "intelligent enough" to see that nobody is on the road, it's about giving a damn.

Sadly too many of us just don't.

Similarly, too many drivers lately seem to have run out of blinker fluid.

Yes, I understand there's nobody behind you, but its about the habit of indicating.

I understand that the lane you're in only allows you to turn left, but the guy driving from the other side doesn't.

Way too many people are just too lazy to flick their finger - they'd rather risk dying or killing someone else. Oh, and did you know you're supposed to indicate while changing lanes too?

What I'm getting at is that the Road Code is there for a reason.

Yes, it might be too cumbersome for some of our "intelligent" drivers or someone who has been on the road for 30 years, but it's not made with just you in mind.

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It's made for the worst driver in the country to be able to drive safely without posing a risk to themselves or to others on the road.

New Zealand has a great culture about being fair to everyone regardless of their IQ, gender, age, disabilities or driving excellence.

Remember that even if you are right, someone else might make a mistake.

A bad driver is a bad driver - it doesn't matter who they are or where they're from or what colour their skin is.

Cops can't be everywhere all the time. They target the guy doing a few k's above the limit because that seems to be the very tip of the "bad driving" iceberg - it's easy to spot.

The behemoth that lies underneath the surface is something for us all to chip away at and not just the cops or the Government.

Stop saying it's OK to drive 5 or 10 over the limit because it's not.

The speed won't kill you, the attitude will.

It's OK to go 5 over has now turned into "it's OK not to stop at a stop sign". This in turn has turned into "it's OK to not indicate".

How long is it going to be before we need to start stopping at green lights just to see if there's a moron driving right through his red?

How long before its OK to run over pedestrians at designated crossings?

Let's not make this a NIMBY (not in my back yard) issue again or New Zealand is going to start developing backwards.

Just wake up and follow the damn rules.

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