Christchurch quakes: Post-quake flood-risk causes stress

Last updated 05:00 11/05/2013
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FLOOD-RISK: The earthquakes were just the start of our trouble, writes TC# resident Karen Atkinson.

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The earthquakes were just the start of our trouble.

I'm sure a lot of New Zealand is sick of us moaning here in Christchurch but no-one else is going to fight our battles - we are fighting our own and the rest of New Zealand needs to know about each one of them.

A new issue has arisen and it would appear that none of the powers that be care or can/will help.

Our land, like a lot of others, has been categorised as Technical Category 3 - TC3. This means our land is more susceptible to future movement and liquefaction. Our land has also dropped between 200 mm and 300 mm and the river has risen.

We are also in the Flood Management Area - we live between the estuary and the beach. Should be get a one in 50 year flood our house will be full of water. Our foundations are considered repairable apart from about 20 per cent which will be replaced.

As we have less than 50 per cent foundation replacement, our floor levels do not have to be bought up to the new level - Christchurch City Council rules a building consent is required but not resource consent.

There is no requirement in the building consent process for the floors to be bought up but there is in the resource consent process however this requires 50 per cent of the foundations to be replaced to be applicable.

Therefore a hazard notice will be placed on our LIM. Thus EQC will likely not insure us (at least for floods), therefore our insurance company can and will likely withdraw insurance cover, therefore our bank can call the mortgage in as we'll have no insurance. This could leave us homeless. Simple as that - homeless.

Every member of the public needs to be aware of what is going on here - it could happen to you.

How does this happen in New Zealand? We are not a third world country.

So, to the rest of New Zealand, I'm sorry if some of you (not all of you and we appreciate your support down here - we really do) are sick of hearing about our plight please be aware that our battles are nowhere near over. There seems to be a new one almost every week. The next battle could be yours - you never know.

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