How to quit synthetic cannabis

Last updated 05:00 14/07/2013
synthetic cannabis
BREAK FREE: A former synthetic cannabis user reveals how she beat the addiction and regained her life.

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I thought I would write this for anyone who has an addiction to synthetic cannabis. 

I am hoping by sharing my story that I can give you a little bit more strength in your resolve. Here are the things that I have found helpful - and I think you will too.

1. Use the Alcohol and Drug Helpline - 0800 787 797

I had nightly talks for the first week and a half and they were amazing. There was no judgement - only support and praise. They also have spoken to many people who have been through it and can put a lot of things into perspective.

2. Use your doctor

The withdrawal symptoms are nasty and can last a week or more. The fallout from the loss of appetite and vomiting that comes with the withdrawals can last for longer. I found the anti-nausea medication Buccastem really helpful as it isn't swallowed (you put it between your lip and gum and dissolve it) and ask for the vitamins that they give to those detoxing from alcohol - the B vitamins will help with regaining your appetite.

3. Praise yourself

This might sound silly but synthetic cannabis addiction is a really hard thing to kick. You can do it and when you do remember that you are amazing for doing so. If you have setbacks - remember they are only temporary, a better life is not too far away.

4. Reach out

One of the most helpful people in my life was a friend who is a recovering alcoholic. She explained to me that kicking addiction was not a matter of willpower. Addiction is a physical allergy combined with a mental obsession caused by a spiritual malady (this is from the 12 step programme).

There are support groups in most centres now - check out Facebook for information or here if you are in the Waikato.

You are a slave, a puppet to this addiction but you can cut the strings and regain your life. Good luck.

* The author's name has been withheld to protect their identity. 

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