Will Nonu be welcomed home?

Last updated 05:30 29/07/2013
PROGRESSING WELL: Ma'a Nonu looks set to recover from an ankle injury in time to face the Wallabies.

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Ma'a Nonu has been in the media a lot lately over whether he will join the Hurricanes again amidst speculation that he might since he is leaving the Highlanders at the end of the season. 

I think the Hurricanes should consider bringing back Nonu into the fold because he is a Wellington-based player and his heart and desire is to play for the Hurricanes.

There has been so much speculation into where he might end up, some say the Crusaders, some say the Blues, but most recently John and Todd, let's not forget Dave Rennie, have said no.

If he does come back to Wellington to play for the Hurricanes will the public welcome him back? Will he be the piece in the jigsaw puzzle that the Hurricanes were missing? They have missed a Nonu-like player in the midfield - someone who runs the straight lines going into contact.

If he does come he needs to sort out his act during the trainings and do all the little things right. During the competition he must play his heart out each and every game, which I believe he would if he got the Hurricanes return.

He must prove to everyone in New Zealand that he can play Super Rugby week in week out with same passion that he shows when he plays in that beloved black jersey.

So will he come back or not? That's the question that has to be asked. Will Hammett welcome him back with open arms? Will players leave the Hurricanes when he comes back and go elsewhere?

Those are questions that keep me pondering about his possible return. I'm not a Hurricanes supporter but I think the Hurricanes need Nonu, just as Nonu needs the Hurricanes because that's where his roots lie.

If the Hurricanes do decide to welcome back Nonuthey'll already have a proven midfield because Conrad Smith and Nonu are the most capped midfielders in New Zealand rugby.

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