I'm skinny, stop judging me

Last updated 12:00 06/12/2013
FIGHTIN BACK: Issy Thorpe says people should stop judging others, no matter what size they are.

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I am a model. I'm naturally thin to the point where I can touch my pinky to thumb around my wrist. I barely have boobs and my hips are razor sharp.

Being 5'9, when I walk down the street I look like one of the inflatable tube men you see waving at you from car yards. But like I said, it's all natural.

I've gone to the doctor about it and all she said was enjoy it while it lasts, so I have tried to.

But when I read articles where people are bad mouthing skinny models using words such as "un-sexy", "rakish" and "boy-like" it really hurts. When I read people's comments agreeing with these articles I can't help but reply.

I get people driving past me yelling at me to eat, yet at dinner all I hear is "where does all that food go?" because I eat more than most people.

I would love to be a shorter woman with an hour glass figure but I'm blessed with this body and no amount of eating KFC has changed that. I do not work out in hopes of putting on weight so I don't have to be called anorexic.

You may say, what am I complaining about? I'm complaining about the fact that everyone goes on about how it's great that they finally have larger women modelling instead of the usual ugly skinny ones, because these comments are not helping the issue.

Why not finish the sentence at "it's great that they finally have larger women modelling". Why do you have to bad mouth one size just to emphasise your point? I think it is great that they are using more plus size models, I find plus size models extremely beautiful.

But everyone has feelings and everyone can be made insecure so stop judging.

I'd love the next article to be 'Love yourself because every size is beautiful in its own way'.

This may be an old argument, and you may think I should get over myself but there are two sides to every story and as long as I'm still seeing this negativity surrounding body types I'm not going to stop fighting back.

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