Fat shaming now fit shaming?

Last updated 14:30 13/01/2014
Jennifer Lawrence
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STRAIGHT UP: "I hate saying, 'I like exercising.' I want to punch people who say that in the face." - Jennfier Lawrence. I guess it's safe to say she's not a fitness junkie then?

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We've all heard the phrase fat shaming by now.

Originally it was all about body acceptance and not shaming a person who may be overweight. Seems reasonable.

What happened next was to be expected.

If you are fit, if you enjoy going for runs, playing sport or eating salad and you share it on a social network, you are suddenly fat shaming.

Fat shaming has been replaced by fit shaming. People aggressively going after those who enjoy exercise and demanding they apologise.

How dare you take pride in body you have worked for? How dare you promote a healthy lifestyle? How dare you enjoy going on a bike ride with your father to explore a new cycle way? How dare you!

You don't have to say anything about people who may be at the other end of the spectrum, you just have to be at the opposite of the spectrum as the person complaining.

This oversensitivity is not only stupid but incredibly dangerous to the public health, especially in a world where obesity is becoming the norm. How long until the child who eats nothing but McDonalds and has hypertension is protected from those evil doctors who recommend a change in diet?

We have all seen the media coverage of that fit mother Maria Kang asking "What's your excuse?" while sharing a photo of her ripped body with her children. I admit no one likes someone who brags, but good for her anyway.

The most recent person being called out fat shaming is Jennifer Lawrence. Yes, America's sweetheart is considered too big to be in Hollywood by some critics. She supports body acceptance and talks about how she eats whatever she wants and doesn't care if people call her fat.

Why is she being called out for fat shaming? Because she's still quite thin. Simply because of how she looks she is being accused of shaming people. Ridiculous.

I'm all for people being proud of their bodies, but don't start whinging that someone who is different to you, that may enjoy exercise and eating different food is somehow shaming you simply by existing.

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