Are NZ's beauty products overpriced?

Last updated 05:00 20/01/2014
LUXURY LIPS: Is it too expensive to by make-up in NZ?

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I constantly find myself questioning whether I should suck it up and pay New Zealand prices for beauty products or if I should order online and wait two or more weeks for an order. 

I've gotten myself into a good habit where I order a product online before my current product runs out. I'm a pretty 'same old' kind of girl so if I like something, you can bet I'm going to go through three or four of them.

But when something new comes on the market, there's no waiting around for a mail order. I want it there and then.

I've lost count how many $20 Farmers vouchers I have redeemed. It's crazy when I think of how much money goes into my makeup but I love it and it's my way of treating myself.

Sephora has cut off all debit and credit cards that aren't directly linked to the US. So if you have a foreign card, you're screwed.

I can't even really splurge on other online stores without paying some sort of extra cost. If your cosmetic order has combined duty and GST of more than $60 you will be paying custom fees

We are getting more and more obliged to pay New Zealand prices and, at first, I thought how unfair it was. Then I thought about how high our minimum wage was compared to the US.

In the United States, the minimum wage is 7.25 USD an hour. That's just 8.63 NZD. Now tell me, would you be prepared to get just $8.63 an hour to have cheaper cosmetics?

It took me a while to see the comparison and I still have to remind myself about it when I pop into Farmers.

Take the image for example, sure in the US you only have to work an hour instead of two to afford this palette but products are manufactured there and stores will have a higher turnover because of the population.

When you take into account New Zealand's population, there's no way a store like Farmers would have a turnover like Walmart (therefore higher prices).

Following that there's shipping to consider.

I'm not saying our prices are justifiable but I have slightly more lenience towards New Zealand's pricing.

Does this change your view on New Zealand prices? It changes mine, slightly. But, hey it won't stop my online shopping.

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