'How dare Lorde express dismay at the media?'

Last updated 10:11 30/01/2014
Lorde at the airport

IN THE SCRUM: Lorde faces the media at Auckland Airport

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How dare Lorde express dismay at the media?

OPINION: The poor local scribes subjected to a slamming and a lashing-out yesterday with inflammatory quotes like, "a sad welcome" and "it just sucks" from Lorde's Twitter.

Returning home on the Los Angeles red-eye to perform a generous Laneway make-up show, Lorde arrived to a New Zealand media so desperate for a quote they allegedly jostled and harassed her family.

A series of five reasoned and seemingly heartfelt tweets followed, explaining her disappointment and sadness at this reception, and the cold physical personification of a previously assumed lost anonymity.

Not content with two days worth of frenzied Grammy headlines, the journalists wanted one more.

It must have felt like Christmas morning when Lorde's tweets came through.

They had prodded and poked, and the kid had bitten. Finally they could cut this tall poppy down.

You could almost feel it coming. The plaudits piled to a height even Sir Edmund Hillary could not scale, a precipice of accolades waiting for a misplaced footnote.

Who could be surprised?

It's not just the hacks, it's our whole society.

Success must be put on a pedestal high enough that even the smallest scandal, imagined or otherwise, can bring stars back to our mundane earth.

Someone more qualified could tell you it's probably the tonic to their own unfulfilled reality. Their failed dreams and sailed teams.

Like a spurned lover, the media will mostly like forgive and forget, jumping on to the next award won or chart-topped bandwagon.

Because Lorde doesn't need them. Her fan's knew of her before their keyboards did. Social media has cut out that middle man. Some reviewers' five stars don't interest them.

I hope Lorde does forgive them though, we've all got mortgages you know. They need a quote the same as your local builder.

But one call of warning ...

Lydia Ko, they're coming for you. 

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