Letter to the 239 of MH370

Last updated 04:59 25/03/2014
 Families react to news MH370 crashed
GRIEF: Families react to news today the MH370 crashed.

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Dear MH370,

There is an ocean of things I want to tell you. The mystery of your disappearance, memories of your existence -  how everything around me seems just another reason to cry.

It's so dark, though the scented candles on my table are flickering, trying to shed some light on you.

I wanted to let you know what you meant to me and what you snatched away.

Missing friend

I started learning the beautiful meanings of life from you. You taught me the essence of my existence. You taught me selflessness. You taught me sunrise and sunset. You taught me about the stars in the sky. You taught me the invisible truths of life. You taught me how to think, how to dream what was right and wrong. But you forgot to teach me how to live without you.

Missing parent

Last time we met, I remember a deep beautiful silence that crept between us. I could feel the warmth of your breath.

Then you took a step forward, and my heart sank as I knew you were going to kiss me - as much as I wanted to, but I did shy away. I didn’t realise that it was the last time. I didn't realise I wouldn't see you again - how I wish.

Missing love

You used to annoy me with your pranks, you used to steal my share of choclates, you used to make fun of my hair, you used to mess me up awfully, but then again come back to me, because you knew I was your best friend.

We used to think alike, we used to like the same colours, everything about us was beautiful, and today I wanted you to know how much I cared. I could never ever love someone as much I loved you.

Missing sibling

The first time I saw you, you filled my heart with so much happiness that there was this beautiful pain, an essence of a very unknown feeling, but heavenly, I was overwhelmed with a joy which I never experienced before.

Your first smile brought me tears of joy and I still remember your innocent face, you were my everything, a part of my whole existence and today I look around to see nothing, but just a hollow carton box echoing memories of beautiful days.

Missing child

A colourful book, where I used to write my desires, my fantasies, my daydreams, my ambitions, my possibilities, my pleasure, my goals. I lost that in you. They were my dreams. Now they'll never come true.

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