Review: Concert 'epic and brilliant'

Last updated 12:00 26/03/2014

PRESENCE: Queens of the Stone Age on stage in Christchurch on Saturday.

Trent Reznor
DARK AND TWISTED: Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails during Saturday's concert.

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It was a glorious day for Christchurch as some of the best heavy bands in the world played a remarkable show.

The turnout was as I'd expected, black shirts, band shirts and a female-to-male ratio of hardly-any-to-a-rather-large-number. Turning up early proved to be pointless, as there were no lines and no anticipation whatsoever. Three rows from the front for punk goddess Brody Dalle proved easy.

The welcome was quiet for her, and two songs in we got a hello and a "this is the best crowd we have played to". In fact, Christchurch's crowd was the tamest I have ever been in. A combination of "heard one song" fans and really messed up metal heads.

Sadly, Dalle only graced us with half an hour at the Saturday gig, but did play the well known Distiller's Dismantle Me. She looked better then ever with her trademark bleach-blonde hair, leopard-print pants and an obvious punk rock attitude. Even though it was short and the crowd seemed to have no idea who the wife of Josh Homme was, it was a dream come true to even be in her presence, yours forever - a life long fan.

The anticipation and crowd started to build for Trent and the boys, and people chatted away about the fact that he was bringing his famous light show. The music started to build to a typical Nine Inch Nails track and they took the stage opening with A Warm Place.

The keenness of the crowd finally built up to what the bands were worthy of. There was no pure promotion of their newest offerings Hestiation Marks, it was a show for the fans. Drummer Ilan Rubin almost outshone Reznor in Downward Spiral and Sanctified, as the light show experience heightened feelings. Reznor's cover of Hand Covers Bruise from The Social Network was perfection.

They played The Hand That Feeds and it was sexy, angry and industrious. Ending on a bitter and sad Hurt, it was clear that Trent Reznor is as dark and twisted as his music.

As we headed for water before Queens my friend who knew nothing of their music was in shock at how amazing it all was. With no messing around here, Queens Of The Stone Age took the stage with in 20 minutes.

Josh Homme, the hottest redhead in music, wowed the crowd with his presence and we all agreed that he somehow made smoking look attractive. Homme honed on the crowd interaction and made us feel like he actually wanted to be in Christchurch because ''he loved us". With introductions to the band as part of the show, you could actually feel the love.

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Being a big fan of the boys, I was completely in heaven when they played my personal favourites. No One Knows drew the crowd to next-level insanity and the setlist exhibited a long and healthy career, including If I Had A Tail and Fairweather Friends off their newest album, Like Clock Work.

The special thing about Queens is clear, that rhythm that no one can recreate. Before cranking into the sexy Make It Wit Chu Josh Homme urged the crowd to party with him. He made me excited, ecstatic and I was probably smiling like a complete crazy person.

The encore was new and old complete with an over the top and insane version of Feel Good Hit of The Summer and A Song For The Dead which was sombre yet perfect.

Without saying the overused words of people I overheard at the concert ("epic", "brilliant") the only way to sum this concert up is this: the whole concert was a feel-good, hell-yeah time. 

If you didn't go - I feel bad for you son. Let's hope this is the first of many actually good big bands in Christchurch. 

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