The cost to heat Christchurch

Last updated 05:00 03/05/2014
BENDING RULES: Alicia Sinclair enjoys the warmth of a logburner in their North New Brighton home.

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I have entered the real estate market looking for my first home.

I have a natural dislike for heatpumps and pellet fires. The reason being they use power.

At the first sign of a power outage, thousands of people are going to be at home suffering in the cold because their only heating has been compromised.

Who is making the money from all this? Is it ECAN or the CHristchurch City Council? Because it is so strongly driven by these two organisations that someone somewhere is getting kick backs.

I have put an offer on a house and there is no fire, just one heat pump that is supposed to heat up three bedrooms at the other end of the house.

This is not going to happen, so we went to a heating store to investigate the likelihood of getting a log burner in to heat the whole house.

I found out that if your house has no fire, but did have one in 2002, then you can qualify to get a log burner. 2002?

What and who came up with this date and what is the relevance?

I am concerned that people all over the city, except for Selwyn and Waimakariri, are going to be suffering because two organisations have decided they know best for us.

I understand that there is this clean air issue, but technology is getting better and better.

Which brings me to the point, is consuming all this power going to lower the lake levels which then introduces power cuts? Where does that leave the elderly and the ill and the young?

My son suffers from asthma; I need warmth in my house, but at what price?

I will require three if not four heat pumps to provide good heat for my home, how much is this going to cost me? Approximately $800 a month and that is crazy.

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