Kids need to socialise, not social media

Last updated 14:00 21/07/2014
LIFE ONLINE: What's the social media policy in your household?

What's your family Facebook policy?

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Should your kids be on Facebook?

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What are your rules around social media for your kids?

We asked readers to tell us how young is too young for Facebook, and how they navigate the social media minefield as a family. Justine Mabey says kids need to get back to being kids.

My eight-year-old daughter keeps asking when she can have her own Facebook. She has two teenage siblings aged 17 and 16.

She has been told in no uncertain terms she does not need Facebook till at least the age of 13, when it would be up for negotiation.

There are enough temptations and negative influences on today's children and they do not need the added pressure of social media sites.

I will not allow my eight-year-old old to have a cellphone either, it's just not necessary for her to have one yet.

Kids need to get back to the basics of growing up - playing outside and using their imaginations.

A lot of kids in today's society are lost or being lead astray and it's quite scary to think the future of this country, and for us heading to retirement, is going to be eventually ran by them.

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