DIY decorations: Edible nativity scene

Last updated 12:30 18/12/2013
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The scene is all it's sweet, sweet glory.
Leanne Russ Zoom
Leanne Russ has been teaching in a high school in Tokyo, and her students include four "fantastic lads" from Tonga who are there playing rugby. "Their faith is pretty important to them," she writes, "but being in Japan and with heavy rugby commitments it's hard to get to church." But they were able to make this origami nativity scene, and have been singing carols in both Japanese and English.

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As part of our DIY Christmas decorations assignment, Alieke Dierckx shows us her edible nativity scene, made entirely of home-made marzipan, cheerfully presented in a gingerbread stable.

This tasty festive decoration is not beneficial for the waistline.

Its structural integrity is in keeping with its Christchurch origins; the roof sags a bit and Dierckx doubts the whole thing could withstand more than a 3.5 earthquake.

However, Joseph with a Mohawk might lift your spirits, and if that doesn't work, how about Gandalf the shepherd or Confucius the Wise Man?

Have yourself a merry quintessential Christmas with a festive turtle, a row of Bethlehem ducks and a pig. 

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