Christmas recipe: Peppermint Bark

Last updated 11:40 23/12/2013
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Main ingredient Chocolate
Type of dish Sweet treat
Course Dessert
Cooking time <30 min
Serves/makes 12
Special options Low fat

After about the fourth candy cane, I get a little bit over them, but then I stumbled across Peppermint Bark! It can also make a great small gift:

5-6 candy canes
1 block (250g) of dark chocolate
1 block (250g) of white chocolate

1. Line a slice tray with baking paper
2. Take a metal bowl and set it over a pot of simmering water (double boiler).
3. Break up the dark chocolate and place in the bowl, stir until completely melted
4. Pour into the lined slice tray, then freeze
5. Double bag the unwrapped candy canes in snaplock bags and crush with a rolling pin
6. Melt the white chocolate using the double boiler method
7. Spread the white chocolate in an even layer over the dark chocolate (it may melt the dark chocolate)
8. Sprinkle over the candy cane pieces
9. Refrigerate until set
10. Break into small, uneven pieces by hand

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