Vaping saved my life

Last updated 11:01 28/03/2017

Four days went by without smoking. It was hard, but using the vape helped me through.

Smoking: How did you give up?

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Smoking: How did you give up?

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I was very young when I started smoking - 14 years of age, actually.

I remember my first puff. It made me cough, but I kept on going to make myself feel like I was part of the cool crowd.

Next thing I knew I was buying from the smoke dealers at school. One cigarette for $1. I blew all my pocket money.

After that I found myself stealing rollies from my mother when she wasn't looking.

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I didn't think anything of it, didn't think smoking could eventually have a huge hold on my life, trapped in this addiction.

My addiction stopped me from being the best cross country runner in school. It stopped me from smelling nice and being a young woman - I looked at least 30 even though I was only 24.  

I'd had enough of not being able to keep my fitness up, of gasping for air every time I struggled up a flight of stairs. 

So I gave up for a week. It was the most mind-bending, hardest thing I had ever done. I failed.

My cousin introduced me to vaping. At first I didn't really think anything of it, but I did mention it to my non-smoking partner. He must've been listening because he went out and bought me a vape. He wanted me to use it instead of smoking - he said I smelt so bad he didn't even want to touch me.  

Four days went by without smoking. It was hard, but using the vape helped me through.

I remember eating a burger I would normally buy for lunch and thinking how different it was - it tasted so much better. I looked at my partner and said "Wow, this is amazing! I have my sense of taste back!"

A few more weeks went by and I was sitting with a few friends while they puffed away on their smokes. I thought, stuff it, and asked for a cigarette. I had my first puff and instantly screwed up my face - it was horrible.

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I can't believe I smoked them for 10 years. I had to put it out, I couldn't finish it.

After that, I introduced my mum to vaping. She had smoked a lot longer than I had, and now she's been smoke-free for a month and will not look back.

Vaping saved my mum, my little brother and me from smoking.

And now I no longer need to have my vape with me wherever I go. I feel free of something that had a hold over me for most of my life.

I no longer struggle with walking up stairs. The glow in my skin has come back. I feel happy again, and that's such an amazing thing.

The person who came up with vaping has saved and will save a lot of peoples' lives.

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