Smoking: I hypnotised myself

Last updated 05:03 13/04/2014

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At the time I stopped smoking I was quite happy but had decided I simply couldn't afford it anymore.

I would find myself marginalising other living costs to pay for cigarettes. I went to the doctor and asked if I could give Champix a go. He said 'No worries', wrote me a prescription and I was on my way.

I had done the research and knew the potentially side affects before engaging with the doctor but nothing prepared my for what happened. A week or so into the trial I found myself feeling overwhelmed with emotions and my stomach in such a state of pain I was bent over my desk half the day. Needless to say after week one that trial was over.

A few years ago, my mum and sister both quit a few year ago with the help of hypnotherapy. I decided I would also give this a go. I found a local hypnotherapist and went to a session. The session however was not at all what I expected and when it came to the hypnosis part of the session I found myself thinking to myself "what a load of crap". At the end of this session I found myself lighting up a smoke on the way home.

Still needed to quit and believing I could easily me hypnotised, I started looking at You Tube hypnosis smoking cessation videos. I found a session that seemed legitimate and didn't look too wishy-washy.

At the start of the video it said to get relaxed. I decided to have a few beers, put on some big headphones and started listened to the session lying in bed.

The audio was soothing and I found myself just listening to the therapist and drifting off.

The next thing I knew I was waking up with the headphone cable wrapping around my neck at 2am gasping for air. In the morning I woke again feeling good about myself feeling this was a new day.

I didn't smoke that day and had no desire to.

A few days later still not have had a cigarette but was feeling the desire to, so I did the You Tube session again. Got relaxed laid on my bed, woke up gasping at 2am in the morning.

It has been one year exactly that I have been smokefree.

I have no desire to smoke anymore and find myself exhaling as I walk past smokers on the street. I feel healthy, as does my back pocket. I have no doubts the You Tube hypnosis video and my financial needs contributed to my success.

On the money side of things, I was spending $4000 year on cigarettes but I had to earn $6000 gross to pay for this, roughly eight per cent of my income. I wasn't a heavy smoker or a minimum wage earner. I know of some people smoking a pack a day at $18!

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Doing the maths, let's say someone earns a modest but above minimum wage income of $35,000 per annum and smokes a pack a day at $18. $18 x 365 days equals $6,570. Add their PAYE tax rate of 14.7 per cent on top of this and it equates to 21.5 per cent of this person gross income spent on cigarettes. It's sad to work out and look at it this way and I know most people in this income bracket have more important things to spend their money on. I say leave smoking for the rich people.

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