Smoking: I quit for love

Last updated 05:03 12/04/2014
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GAVE IT UP: I stopped smoking for love, and I don't regret it.

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It was February 1991 and I'd been smoking a packet a day for the previous four years or so.

I had met a beautiful young lady just a couple of weeks before and we were sitting on the lounge floor at her parents' place, on our second 'date', listening to old records and talking about all sorts of things - our most favourite things in the world, our hopes and dreams, our more general likes and dislikes.

As she was listing some of her likes and dislikes, she said that she couldn't imagine living with a person who smoked.

I gave up the next day and haven't craved or even toyed with the idea of having another cigarette since.

We have been married for more than 21 years now and have three beautiful and amazingly talented children.

For me, it was mind over matter and wanting something more than another puff on a cancer-stick. And I hope to be around to see some grandkids one day... but not too soon!

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