Standing up for selfie sticks

More than screen deep

Screen deep

I saw a girl sitting alone taking selfies - but as the phone dropped, so did her smile.

Too old for selfies and clubs?


What do you mean I'm too old for leggings and selfies and going to nightclubs?

The evolution of the selfie


The word selfie may be new, but we've been obsessed with capturing our own image for long as humans have existed.

Relentless love of selfies

It is seemingly near impossible to determine the actual origin of the selfie.

What of Generation Selfie?


Selfies increase and decrease self-esteem. They can help achieve self-love and/or contribute to narcissism.

Mastering the art of fame


It must be hard being famous with people wanting to somehow shine in your reflected glory.

How do you feel about selfies?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

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