Your life is more than just screen deep

Last updated 11:25 08/12/2016
Screen deep

I don't want to live my life looking through the lens of others, a timeline filled with people buried in filters.

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I would like to talk about an issue that has had little discussion.

It is a relatively modern one, or at least has been greatly exacerbated by social media.

In town the other day, I saw a young, meek looking girl sitting by herself. She had her phone in her hand and was snapping off selfies. As she raised her front facing camera she smiled.

But as soon as the phone fell, so did the smile.

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I saw a real sadness then, because this poor girl is in a competition of perfection where the perfection is only screen deep. We are carefully and intentionally editing our own lives to portray an unrealistic digital facade, often at the expense of our own happiness.

When we see something truly amazing, how many of us have the impulse to reach into our pockets for our phone camera only to miss out in our fumbling? Or who of us throws a party over the weekend, just so we can share the selected photos in our feed the following week?

We are sacrificing our personal experiences, and for what? Validation? Approval from a network of mostly acquaintances and strangers?

I don't want to live my life looking through the lens of others. I don't want a narcissistic timeline filled with people buried in filters. And I certainly don't want to see what you had for breakfast this morning.

I want to see people's passions, what they care about and how they think. I want more of those sweet, sweet Joe Biden memes.

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But most of all, I think let's try for a little more honesty and allow people an environment where being vulnerable is appreciated.

So, if you're reading this random girl, and those of us like her, sharing your life is fine, great even! But share YOU and LIVE life, because that is quantifiably more engaging.

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