NCEA stars: 'never give up'

Last updated 05:00 19/01/2014
Lotte van Ginkel.
HARD WORKER: Lotte van Ginkel.

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School has been a struggle for me. I was home-schooled for several years after I left Nelson Intermediate after being involved in a violent situation. I was left terrified of going to a public school.

In 2011, I finally got the courage to return to a public school and started taking Level 2 Biology at Waimea College.

Slowly I started increasing the number of classes I took there until I had four out of six of my classes at Waimea.

I really struggled with exams that year because I had missed out on needed prior knowledge from previous years, and missed many lessons due to entering most of my classes after the first quarter of the year.

I decided I'd do better the next year. I studied a lot and my internal grades skyrocketed from not achieved and achieved to merit and excellence.

My goal was to get university entrance in 2013, but, although I collected a lot of credits throughout the year, I was still short. I needed to pass two out of three of my biology externals or two out of three chemistry externals.

I had been pretty good with biology that year, but I'd struggled with chemistry. I spent the next weeks studying every night and weekend trying to learn as much as I could about my subjects.

After the exams, I was at first relieved and then nervous. I wouldn't know if I had passed until 2014. Two months of pacing and nail-biting later the results were going to be released.

At 9am on January 15 I ran to the computer to check my results.

Logging on was a hassle, in my excitement I kept getting my NSN wrong.

Eventually I got on and could finally see my results. I couldn't really believe what I saw. Near the top of the page it said university entrance awarded. I was thrilled. On top of that my statistics was endorsed with excellence, and my overall year with merit.

I am so happy with my results and have to thank my teachers, parents and myself for my good outcome.

My teachers were always there for me to help me with things I didn't understand, my parents always supported me (and provided me with cookies while studying), and I was determined to succeed.

I thank you all, and wish all other students the best of luck with their results.

Remember: never give up, never surrender.

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