NCEA stars: Well done, son

Last updated 05:00 20/01/2014

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I sat last night and wrote a card out for my son. He had texted me earlier saying he had passed NCEA Level 2 and I remembered back to the day that the post arrived saying I had passed School Certificate.

My mum and I took my friend Vicki Rawle (who I have lost touch with) out for a celebratory soda at the ice cream parlour in Whangarei and she brought me my first camera to celebrate receiving the results.

Last year when my son got his results, we had sat up late at night to get on to the computer to see what his results were. Alas the computer system was jammed so we set our alarm early and as a family, we gathered around the computer as he read his results. We then went out for breakfast at 6am in the morning!

So it wasn't quite the thrill of opening and envelope like School Certificate but it is still an achievement that needs to be celebrated.

We left a card on his dresser saying his Dad and I were so proud of him working so hard to achieve his credits to pass NCEA Level 2.

Well done, son!

I hope other parents take a moment to reward their kids with praise or a special treat, as it is a real achievement.

There is nothing better than seeing your child work hard and succeed.

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