NCEA stars: struggle to success

Last updated 05:00 23/01/2014

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We asked our readers to share the story of a young person they knew, who shone in NCEA last 2013.

Our eldest daughter has struggled with maths since Year 4 and has had a private tutor since mid-2012 in order to help her with NCEA.

She struggled at NCEA Level 1 but passed with an 86 per cent success rate in the subject and her second highest result in NCEA.

Because of her results she was then placed in a higher maths class for NCEA Level 2 in 2013.

Again she was tutored during the year, but still struggled to understand the complex calculations involved.

She passed her exams during the year and on logging in to the NZQA website to check out her results last week, discovered she had also been awarded a National Certificate in Mathematics in conjunction with her NCEA Level 2 qualification.

Her perseverance in this subject has shown her that she can overcome any obstacles placed in her path with hard work and study.

As parents we are extremely proud of her achievements not only in maths, but in all her results.

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