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Last updated 13:00 26/03/2014

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I am fortunate to have two beautiful children. I walk a lot in the area where we live. We live near the beach, which is walking distance to the school the children attend and the local shops.

18 months ago I saw an advert in the local free paper wanting people for deliveries. I thought I would enquire as it seemed a good idea to get paid for getting exercise.

I had in the back of my mind that I would try and get a delivery run for my then seven-year-old daughter. I knew that she was too young to get a job to do by herself, but I thought it was something we could do together.

So I rang up and there was a great pamphlet run delivering "junk mail," otherwise known as advertising, going in the area that was very close to where we live. I have since been told it is thought of as one of the best runs in the area.

We weren't allowed to put the run in my daughter's name as the minimum age is 11. So I decided to put it in my name. I thought that was OK as it would force me to go for two walks each week just to deliver the pamphlets.

My other child is an adorable five-year-old. Although I adore him to the moon and back, he is a challenge as he has special needs. He is developmentally delayed in many areas and he has an intellectual disability.

Going for walks with him or any outings is a nightmare as he can be very difficult to control as he has no awareness of safety (roads etc) He is, however, quite small for his age and still is happy to sit in a buggy.

Hence all three of us do the pamphlet run together twice a week. There are very few things we can do as an activity to include our son, but it is one way to do it.

We have been known to all run the run, with us three and my husband, as a family outing. All for my daughter earning some money. I like the company we contract to as we have a period of two-to-three days to deliver them. This means we can juggle when we do the run with the weather.

We have a deal that if my daughter helps with the run that I pay her the money earned from the run (as the run is in my name and I get paid directly).

There are obviously the odd times when she can't do it and I end up doing it, but most of the time that is ok.

For a twice a week run we are paid usually $20-40 per week. I give my daughter the money if she does the whole run with me.

The rule is that she has to bank at least half of it in school banking once a week. The other half she is allowed to spend (she usually buys books or craft stuff). So she is a building a nest-egg for herself in the bank.

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The learning that occurs is amazing. These include but are not limited to: reliability, exercise, counting and banking money, saving and the effort involved to earn money for things we want/need.

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