Raining maggots in Dunedin flat shocker

Last updated 08:00 27/06/2014

DINNER GUEST: Sarah Brown's flat had to deal with maggots slipping through the roof cracks ino their kitchen.

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I did a four-year stint at Otago University and have just recently graduated.

I started off in Unicol, then made the classic transition to Castle Street for my first year flatting.

This was my first flat, and for the Castle Street standard, it was not too bad.

It was when we thought we were upgrading and moving into our third year flat away from the carnage of Castle Street when the proverbial really hit the fan.

This flat was a shocker.

We were greeted with monster-sized slugs through the kitchen, leaky ceiling, rat poo (and rats) everywhere, rusty razors in the bathroom, mouldy food in the fridge, and a shower with pressure that felt like someone was peeing on your shoulder.

When there was any sort of rain outside, we felt it. We had two water features in the house - one that trickled down the wall where our stairs were, and one that gushed in our house foyer.

On several occasions the water cylinder burst and a wall in my roomed turn into a waterfall that would trickle over open power sockets.

We would call our landlord straight away, but his reaction time was slower than the pace of the monster slugs in our kitchen.

The event that finally tipped us over the edge was when we were all sitting in the lounge and maggots literally fell from the ceiling.

Something must have died in the roof cavity, so for a weeks we had to deal with maggots slipping through the roof cracks on to our kitchen table, our sofa and all over the floor. We (as you do) collected them and counted 35 in total. Horrific!

As you would expect, a flat of seven girls were fuming at this raining maggot issue, so I called the landlord.

He laughed at me and said, and I quote: "You know, the Maori used to put Maggots in the mouth to get rid of the meat between their teeth."

Yeah, cheers.

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