'So wet we couldn't wear socks inside'

Last updated 06:00 01/07/2014

BLACK MOULD: Within a month, the curtains were covered in mould.

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When I first moved to Wellington at 19, eagerly awaiting my tertiary studies, I couldn't wait to get into the city and become a proper student. 

My cousin and I moved into a flat together in the notoriously damp Brooklyn, but it couldn't be that bad, right? 


The place was so wet we couldn't wear socks inside.

My parents bought me a dehumidifier which filled to the brim in one room overnight. 

We contacted the landlords, but they told us it was up to us to deal with it.

I told them we'd bought a dehumidifier but the place was just too damp, and black mould had begun to grow on the fresh curtain. 

Within a month or so, the entire inside of the curtains in my bedroom was coated in a thick, black, dusty mould, and the part of my mattress which was touching the wall was wet to touch. 

My cousin's room was so wet that the clothing in her drawers was damp when she took it our to wear it. 

We both ended up leaving the flat when I developed bronchitis that wouldn't go away. Oddly enough, it disappeared once I got away from the mould. 

We'd bleached, dehumidified, my parents had even come from Hawkes Bay to try to help us clean and dry the place, but nothing worked. 

When we finally gave our notice, they came and did an inspection and went on about how damp and mouldy the place was. We'd been at them each week about the mould on the ceiling and curtains.

Mould had even grown over my suitcase because it had been sitting in the wardrobe. When I left, they contacted me asking where the dehumidifier was, and accused me of theft, claiming that they had purchased it after we made the first complaint about the dampness and mould.

They wanted us to pay to replace the wet carpet, too. My cousin's father ended up taking them to court because they refused to pay our bond. 

They claimed to have no money so we never got back our $1500. Worst flat ever.

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