The great Kiwi property ladder

House hunting? I'm over it

real estate

Rebecca Knight is over being outbid by empty nesters, developers and investors with deep pockets.

Owning a home on your own

	 Waikato house sales

It's not easy buying a house on a single income, but it's possible with hard, disciplined work.

Our housing attitude problem

real estate

For all of you peasants whinging about not owning a home, apparently it's all about making sacrifices.

I'll be retired by 40

Christchurch rental


Scott Woods works more than 100 hours a week to create financial security for his family through rental properties, but it's paying off.

This is no pavlova paradise

house for sale

Buying a home is getting harder and is a far cry from what earlier generations undertook.

Don't blame baby boomers


I'm sick and tired of being blamed for all the ills of today's generation, writes Sue O'Neill.

Catching the property bug

House sold, real estate, property

After three years of saving, Briar Cuming finally fulfilled her dream and bought a own home.

Lowering expectations

Rental property

Renting is a humbling experience, but this reader has a plan to get into the property market.

Housing haves and have-nots

26/261 Lees Rd

The rising cost of housing is creating a society of have and have-nots, writes Pat Winton.

Pull finger, don't point it


If you can't afford a home, and aren't willing to fight for it, you'll never change where you get to in life.

Home ownership 'desperation'


Susan Wells' dream is to own a house, not to be rich, but to have security for her children.

Pay your own mortgage


Home ownership is achievable but people have to sacrifice a few basic things, asks Tracey Watson.

Property ladder: Don't be fussy

House for sale, real estate, property

Everyone has a dream home, but as Angelyn Frost writes, don't expect it to be your first one.

State housing solutions

New house, building, construction, real estate

Home building helped solve a housing shortage in the 1930s, let's do it again, writes Ian Boag.

Why I'm not buying a house

Rental property

Buying a house in Auckland just doesn't add up, writes Andy Roberts.

The partial property lobotomy

Sale sign

New Zealanders are a pretty smart and resourceful bunch of people, except when it comes to property.

'Paying rent won't get you there'



If you're paying ridiculous rents anyway, why not leasehold? asks Kristy Jacobs.

Tenants key to rental success

rent property real estate house

Pick the type of tenant you'd like to have before kicking off your investment property journey.

How I got $1.5m in property

House for sale, real estate, property

An Auckland woman explains how she got $1.5m worth of property in four years.

Trapped in a rent cycle

Rental property

People like me can't invest while we are trapped in a vicious rental cycle, Tania Seward says.

The Kiwi property dream

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