Drought a tough water lesson

Last updated 05:01 15/03/2013
Penny McIntyre Zoom
Paddocks at Westport's Carters Beach area - normally lush and green.

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The current drought situation isn't a bad thing if it makes people wake up and appreciate how important water is.

Living in suburbia and on mains water, I purchased a tank from Bunnings to attach to my downpipe to collect rain water.

I couldn't understand why my neighbours didn't do the same. I had a garden, which I used that water for, and cleaning the car, barbecue, etc, outside.

Now I'm in the country and relying on rain water full-time, no problems.

I started saving water in December, just in case. It's hard to believe that people have to be told not to water their gardens or wash their cars.

We should be more respectful of water in general, not just when it's low. We have a stream, which my neighbours are sucking dry.

My daughter has to watch her pet crawlies die and the eels suffer. People are selfish and I hope they do run out.

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