The ups and downs of owning a small business

Working outside the box

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What's the secret to success in owning a small business? Lilia Tarawa says make your own rules.

It takes hard work and more

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It took a while, but Anna Johnstone's business now works for her, rather than her working for it.

Love is key to good business

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Forget about the money side, running your own business must be driven by love.

Risk it all with diddly squat

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Give your ideas a chance but don't borrow against your house, unless you have great self control.

Cash is king in small business

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You need to know what you're selling, and how much, to stay afloat. Whatever you do don't guess.

It's not all about the rich list

It isn't easy, but here's how having your own business can unlock the wealth and freedom you dream of.

No-nonsense business advice

Small business

Spend a few years living like most people won't so you can spend the rest living like most people can't.

Optimism vital for success


Working for yourself is great but you'll soon learn to ignore your gut instinct at your peril!

Follow your dream

Corrin Miller

Obstacles litter the path to setting up a business, but you can get around them, Corrin Miller says.

Greener grass or artificial turf?

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Not everyone is suited to running their own business, John McArdle says.

Thinking outside the crate


Passion can trump experience when it comes to small business, says Crateive Design owner Matt Besley.

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