How to calm a crying baby

Last updated 05:00 22/07/2013

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Our readers share some of the lessons they've learned as parents.

My sanity with my first child was saved by Dr Harvey Karp's five 'S's:

  • Swaddle the baby
  • Suck - give them a dummy to suck.
  • Side - lie them on their side facing out from you.
  • Swing - swing them side to side.
  • Ssssh - make sssh noise.

Also putting muslin over the pram/push chair at the shops stops people poking their germy faces and hands in - really, complete strangers think they own your baby it seems.

Always give your toddler a choice of two things to eat, wear, or play with. It makes them feel powerful and you don't get into power struggles.

Take your newborn into the shower soon after they are born with you so they get used to water on their heads and hair washing is less of a struggle later in toddlerhood.

Get them used to your taste in music, voice and any environmental noises like dogs before they are born so they sleep better and are not alarmed when they are born.

To save losing little socks buy some Bobux soft leather shoes to put over the top when out in the push chair.

Plunket are fantastic - visit their specialist clinics, watch their videos, support them financially!

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