Travel food tips from our readers

Mutton birds are a hard chew

Mutton bird

The mutton bird may be a prize for Kiwi palates but I learnt the hard way - pick your birds wisely.

Penguin's egg taste sensation

African penguin


African penguin eggs were tasty but we didn't realise we were contributing towards their decline.

Why don't we eat barracouta?

baracouta strap

Saffas relish them — so why do so many Kiwis turn up their noses at this native delicacy?

Shark bangers with a bite


A life at sea off South Africa's Cape Coast taught Anthony de Villiers how to make a very fishy delicacy.

Off the hook waffles


Before heading to Off the Waffle, I was told about how amazing the waffles are there.

Big eating in Texas


A holiday to the USA gave us five days in Texas - the state where everything is just bigger.