Travel secrets from Kiwi wanderers

How to stay safe in India



Travelling to India can be a huge culture shock, but there are ways to make it much less daunting.

My London do's and don'ts


Here's five fantastic London spots you should visit, instead of the usual tourist traps.

Top travel tip: take your time!


What's the hurry? Darren Tatom says the key to a great trip is taking time to enjoy the little things.

Carry this while travelling


Julian Morrin has a handy tip to keep your credit cards and most of your money safe while outside NZ.

Beware bus ticket scams

Vietnam Strap

Jade Thomas warns of a common scam for sleeper buses in Vietnam.

Travel tips: Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

How to avoid disappointment when visiting one of New York's biggest draw cards.

It's about experiences


Travel is exactly what you make of it, so keep your head and take these tips.

Travel pitfalls as a couple

Adam Costanza

Adam Constanza shares his tips for travelling with your significant other.

A walk with a tiger

When in Thailand, a visit to the Tiger Temple just out side of Kanchanaburi is a must, Ron Steers says.

Travel lighter and smarter

Adam Costanza

Adam Constanza shares his top 15 tips for travelling light and smart.

Making the big Apple easy


There are two really easy ways to get around New York - a Metrocard and grouping sights.

Picture yourself abroad


Hate maps? Here's a tip to avoid getting lost while travelling.

Less clothes, more money


Half the clothes, twice the money. That's the mantra I live by when I travel.

Read the travel reviews


Doing some research before you travel can save you from a lot of legwork and protect you from surprises.

Your 'must take' travel items


Tissues, earplugs, lip balm, and sunglasses.

Always carry Greenbacks


Wherever you go in the world, always carry some US dollars cash with you.

Rules for visiting Albania

Beer Festival

Take care when visiting Albania, but it is truly one of the most intriguing countries ever.

Long-haul: bus or plane?


During my last bus trip, I made a list comparing long haul journeys by plane and bus.

The art of travel packing


Paul Callahan has perfected his backpacking style to be cheap, light and unnoticeable.

Night trains through Europe


Kiwi traveller David Lim's tips for train travel prove there's more than one way to see Europe.