Immigration: NZ move ups and downs

Last updated 05:00 29/05/2013

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Welcome to New Zealand?

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Stuff Nation readers share their experiences of immigrating to New Zealand.

I am a Singaporean and I arrived in New Zealand 10 years ago with my Kiwi partner. 

The thought of living in another country was more a novelty at first, but reality soon hit when I needed to get a job. 

It took me six months to get a job, get work visas and complete the language requirements.

Before coming to NZ I had a fast-paced life. 

In Singapore, the more degrees you have, the more respected you are as a person. It is quite a materialistic culture with lots of luxurious cars and branded items.

We lead a simple life now. We have two kids and I have immersed myself in the Kiwi way of life. 

I cannot say enough how beautiful New Zealand is. The people are friendly, warm and considerate. 

I have had my fair share of racist comments but that would happen almost anywhere in the world. 

Even in Singapore we have our own prejudices and stereotypical views. That is just human nature. What is more important is how we use it as a life experience.

I have travelled back to Singapore a few times to visit my family and although it is home to me, New Zealand is where my life is. 

I do miss the food there and my family. 

I have had a lot of ups and downs in New Zealand but I love it here now and I'm sure there'll be more ups and downs ahead.

After all the stress of no job and friends, leaving my family behind and culture shock, I would still do it all over again

I'd just like to say thankyou to the people of New Zealand.

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