Room four's message to Japan

Last updated 12:45 04/04/2014

LAME: Pupils in Room 4 at Otumoetai Intermediate School give their views on whaling.

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We asked readers to share their views on whaling. Room 4 at Otumoetai Intermediate School sent in their thoughts. 

1. Whaling is dumb because all the cute whales are dying. 

2. I think that Japan should stop whaling for "scientific research". If it was scientific research then they wouldn't take as many whales just to do tests on them. They could just take skin and blood samples instead and do their research on that.

I also think whaling sucks and it is dumb and lame. It is not right that they should kill innocent whales just so they can do tests on them and make money by turning their blubber into lipstick and perfume. Anyway it is about time that whaling was banned anyway. Japan will probably still whale though just this time it will be done illegally. - B.L

3. I think that the new whaling law is good but bad at the same time. It's good because it is just cruel for the Japanese to kill so many whales just so their business can keep running and for their so called ''scientific research''.

The bad thing is that when the whales repopulate they will eat all the krill and plankton and then the other animals that eat krill and plankton will just have to move on. Boats that only fish in that area will have to search, search and search just to get all the krill. Then the whales will have eaten all the krill in the whole area and have to move on and will have more potential of being beached. I am glad but concerned at the same time. - K.T

4. I think that whaling is not right and if it is for "scientific research" take blood and skin samples instead of killing thousands of innocent whales and making them into lipstick and perfumes. Why would you buy perfume and lipstick containing whale blubber? What does the perfume smell like? - A.R.T

5. I think whaling should stop for five years then start again for another two years and this should keep repeating because if we stop whaling for good then the sea will be overloaded with whales. - A.C 

6. I think that the Japanese whaling ships should never leave port again. If they want to do scientific research, take skin swabs and blood samples don't kill them! - F.M.  

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