Goodbye 2013: No more negative Nancy

Last updated 11:08 03/01/2014
YOU CAN DO IT: Making a resolution is easy, keeping it - not so much.

Happy New Year: How are your resolutions going?

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What are your New Year's resolutions?

Let your New Year's resolution be you Goodbye 2013: Hoping for cancer-free 2014 Goodbye 2013: No more negative Nancy

We asked our readers to share their big achievements of 2013 and their plans for 2014. Jade Benfell has said 'goodbye' to negative Nancy.

2013 was a good year for me. My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Queenstown, which was amazing, I performed in the company of my favourite musical Les Miserables and I got a bit more work done on the house.

But what really mattered in 2013 was the increase in my fitness regime. I started going to three Zumba classes a week rather than one. I also joined a yoga class.

Near the end of the year I did a 5km and a 10km fun walk and now I'm happy to say I'm in week six of a running program.

It's safe to say I'm an utterly rubbish runner but the main thing is I'm trying. I get out there, pound the pavement (almost dying in the process) and go home with a sense of achievement.

My first goal for 2014 is to get to 5km, then 10km and all going well to participate in a marathon in September.

I'm determined for 2014 to be my fitness year. I plan on eating better, drinking less, losing the excess weight I've put on in 2013 and most importantly, I plan on being happy with myself.

I've always been a negative Nancy and I don't like it. It's time to change my outlook.

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