What does Pride mean to you?

'Cannot protect gay daughter'


I support my beautiful 17-year-old's decision to come out but worry about other people's reactions.

Fight for equality never ends

gay pride

Pride means more than equal right for gay Kiwis, it means equal right for all Kiwis, Sandy Gauntlett writes.

Pride is being accepted


Pride is being just another beautiful young couple in New Zealand, Samantha Botting writes.

Baring my heart on stage

Amanaki Hope Prescott Faletau

Awkward crying, my deepest issues and insecurities, all shown live on stage.

Beyond the budgie smugglers

Troy Williams.

So, the gay community can only be proud of people who look good half naked?

Transgendered teen 'princess'


Being a proud, transgendered female at an all-boys Catholic school wasn't the easiest walk in the woods.

Facing the bullying 'demons'


I have been bullied throughout my years in school. It was easy to just brush it off right? Wrong!

Coming out at 15

Darren Tanuie

I denied who I was right up until I left high school, I really wanted to blend in, Darren Tanuie writes.

I felt like I was 'incomplete'

Raukawa Tuhura

Growing up as a person who doesn't know who they really are is quite a scary thing.

Standing up for LGBTs


To Terina Paterson, pride means standing your ground for friends and yourself, against all odds.

'It is ok to be gay'



New Zealand often forgets that it isn't inhabited exclusively by straight, white couples.

What does Pride mean to you?

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