What issues will get your vote?

Here's what matters to a Kiwi

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Note to politicians: please stop making short-term plans and buying votes. Here's what we need to focus on.

Tax tweaks needn't be taxing

Open purse and money

Revising our tax system could help issues facing low earners and pensioners, writes Wendy Morton.

Show us the election money


This election is missing something for the over 60s, like a return on our years of tax investments.

Vote for the greater good


Voting for your personal interests in this election is a wasted vote, Gerard O'Neil writes.

Where's our pioneer spirit?

Pioneer spirit

Our forefathers broke the land in, now we're controlled by bureaucrats. What's happened?

Legal highs have got to go

legal highs

Non-voter takes a stand this election over fears legal highs will return to our shelves.

Voting for families


This year's budget was meant to be for families, yet my family is no better off, Dougal Harding writes.

Where are the youth policies?

voting booth


It's about time the politicians starting thinking about the nation's youth.

'Sorry Auckland, you're full'


We cannot afford the continuous growth of Auckland at the expense of the rest of the country.

What will get my vote


Politics is important - but Johnny Brebner has his reasons for not voting in the coming election.

Is KiwiSaver sensible?

NZ money, cash

Before you commit your savings to someone else's control, you should ask some questions.

Why I will not vote National


Don't simply vote National because someone down the street does or you always have done.

Election issues: I'm at a loss


I am really not sure whether I have the heart to vote anymore.

Why I'll be voting National

John Key

It's working under National and the others have no clue where they would go if they won.

A National Greens conundrum


If only a Green-National alliance was viable - that would keep our current leaders more honest.

Changes to tax system key


It's hard to narrow an election down to one issue, but on the whole it's mostly about tax.

A vote for our future

Girl silhouette

Children are the future of this country and our Government needs to do more to protect them.

Let's talk about tax


Unlike our neighbours over the ditch, we are taxed on the first dollar we earn.

No to synthetic cannabis

Legal Highs

I will vote for the party who will totally ban synthetic cannabis.

More cake for my vote

Anzac Cake

I have been a Labour voter for most of my life here and in the UK but I am now a "floater".

What issues will get your vote?

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