New Zealand 'cannot afford Auckland'

Last updated 05:01 19/05/2014

TOO BIG?: We should not feed anymore infrastructure into the area north the Bombay Hills and south of Warkworth, writes Sam Bearda.

Reasons why Auckland rules

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What are the issues that will impact your vote this election? For Sam Beara, Auckland is a non-issue.

New Zealand cannot afford the continuous growth of Auckland at the expense of the rest of the country.

We need a political party that says "Sorry Auckland, you are full".

We should not feed anymore infrastructure into the area north the Bombay Hills and south of Warkworth.

No more rail, no more motorways, no more of anything.

This will force people to take their blinkers off, and businesses to realise thay can do business anywhere. They do not need the costs, hassles and production delays that come with being located in Auckland.

This will result in businesses locating to provincial centres, where there are no traffic jams, no congestion, and real estate is cheaper for workers to buy houses at less than $200,000.

There is no reason for TVNZ to be located in the CBD of Auckland, it could easily located to Tokoroa and broadcast nationwide from there. If it's highly paid stars don't want to move, well there are enough people in the provinces who can do their jobs.

Wishful thinking? Yes, but it remains true that New Zealand cannot afford Auckland.

But as nearly half of MPs will come from Auckland, the above policy will never happen.

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