My vote is for job creation

Last updated 10:30 29/01/2014

What issues will get your vote?

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What issues will get your vote?

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As election season heats up, we asked our readers to tell us which issues would be getting their vote this year. Ian Boag wants to see policies that tackle unemployment.

There are so many people out there who want to have a job and participate in society.

I understand there are about 150,000 unemployed in New Zealand, not counting those who have given up. I don't know what a government can do to boost employment but there are people smarter than me who can probably come up with some ideas if enough of them think about it long enough.

Some of the unemployed are bludgers, and none of us like that, but plenty are not.

Every time the job thing crops up there is a happy report from someone who worked really hard at finding a job and was successful. It fits right in with the other stories from people who worked real hard at finding a job and weren't successful.

If all the unemployed woke up tomorrow and went desperately job-hunting I can't see that there could be anything like 150,000 unfilled jobs.

Education is a good thing of course. But it sometimes just ensures that some of the unemployed have skills and a student loan.

An emphasis on job creation would impress me.

John Key could recycle some of his electioneering from last time around and do something to deliver on it.

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