Election issue: Growing social inequalities

Last updated 16:50 08/04/2014

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New Zealand needs to address the issue of growing social inequalities as the concentration of wealth devolves onto fewer and fewer people while the neo-liberal belief in "trickle down" economic benefit has proven false.

The government needs to ensure that employment opportunities are boosted and sustained.

Strong employment laws must be provided that support the rights of the employee/worker over those who would otherwise pay $7.00 an hour with providing job security.

Education funding must be focussed on the provision of public education not the private institutions or PPP rorts like charter schools.

Corruption and obvious feathering of their own economic nests by cabinet ministers must be dealt with clearly and obviously if we are to have confidence in any government.

Providing "welfare handouts" to foreign corporates like Warner Bros, Rio Tinto and other favoured businesses over bashing the individual worker citizens must stop.

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