Election: My vote is up for grabs

Last updated 06:51 15/04/2014
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FAIR FOR ALL: This voter wants a larger share of the cake for lower socio-economic workers.

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What issues will get your vote?

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I have been a Labour voter for most of my life here and in the UK but I am now a "floater".

I am looking for justice; I want zero tolerance on antisocial street behaviour and poor attitudes towards police.

I want equality of pay for male and female workers. I want a larger share of the cake, regardless of size of it, for the lower socio-economic groups of workers.

I want fire and ambulance to amalgamate into one organisation.

I want final settlement of Maori claims. I want the Speaker of the House to be independent and not appointed by the Government of the day.

I don't want New Zealand to be forced to worry about our contribution to pollution until the big polluters start to reduce emissions. 

I don't want New Zealand to sell our soul on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, a trade agreement among Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore.

I want security for the elderly.

What do you want from the party that you will give your vote to in this year's election?

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