Election: I'm a genuine swing voter

Last updated 05:00 15/04/2014
Te Ururoa Flavell
Fairfax NZ
MAORI PARTY CO-LEADER: Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell.

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I have realised that I am a genuine swing voter and look forward to seeing if I am part of another shift in our political environment.

Having voted for five different parties in the last elections and been part of the group who have increased, United Future's, the Maori Party's and the Greens' space in parliament over the years, I am led to vote by different issues. Things I have noticed include:

- I don't make my decision until very close to the election and watch and wait to see what comes out.

- I am interested in policies that are well thought-out and include some analysis on how they will affect everyday people but delivered in a language that makes sense.

- I vote on the people as much as the policy, so who is being vocal is noticed by me.

- Over-confidence and arrogance are also noticed and not appreciated

-Knowledge of the current issues (real ones, not media-generated ones) is also noted.

- Childish behaviour from grown men and women who have been elected is also noted and those who choose to rise above this stand out.

- I avoid extremism of most types, too much focus on environment, not enough, too much focus on social engineering, not enough...

- The policies I will be watching for are: genuine hand up policies, not hand out, policies that acknowledge the need to create equity for Maori and for others who have been disadvantaged by the way we do life in Aotearoa, policies that will help my children most of whom are teenagers to find work, get quality education and have hope.

Ultimately the party built in balance, instead of a theoretical framework, would be a good thing.

Pick an issue and take a stand, not based on left or right but based on firstly, best for the most vulnerable (that will trickle up to the wealthy) and secondly to keep our place healthy for the next generation.

What are your key issues heading into this year's election?

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