My vote: No to synthetic cannabis

Last updated 12:00 15/04/2014
Legal high protest
Alexandra Newlove
PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES: A small but vocal troop have taken to the streets to say ‘‘no’’ to legal highs.

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What issues will get your vote?

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I will vote for the party who will totally ban synthetic cannabis.

The party who says "It doesn't matter what you change in the 'recipe', it is illegal" will get my vote, no matter the rest of their policies.

It is time New Zealand turns this drug policy around, decriminalises cannabis (natural) and make the current legal, illegal.

Maybe bring in a test similar to a breathalyser for alcohol so people can smoke at home as a social thing, at nights or in weekends but never at work, or before work.

I don't even know if this is possible, but surely something can be invented.

I don't smoke anything but can surely see the damage this so-called 'legal and harmless' drug is doing compared to the natural and illegal.

Ban synthetics. 

What key issues will ensure your vote goes to a specific party? To share your thoughts, hit the green button below. 

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